Shadowmatic MOD Apk for Android Free Download

1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 24, 2019
App By:
Triada Studio Games
Mod Features:
Unlimited Hints, Unlocked
Required Android:
Android 4.4
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It's a tree! No, it's a chair! Or is it just an elephant eating a Shadowmatic cocktail sauce? Hmm ... something goes wrong. View from a different angle. That one, when you won a puzzle game (unlimited signal / Open) - Triada Studio and many ideas of the Apple Design Award can play Shadow Matic.

Shadow Matic MOD APK Summary

Name                     Shadow Matic

Publishing             Triada Studio Games

Art -3 D,                offline, puzzle

The latest              version 1.4

Size                        76M

MOD Unlimited      Open Signal

Android                 4.4 Platform

Get over it

Shadow Matic games to stimulate your imagination. When we are children, we have to put our hands in front of the light bulb and shadow on the wall. We made quite a lot of interesting animals like a dog, a rabbit or a bird flying. With only two hands and a great imagination, we can not do anything.

Puzzle with shadow

While playing this game, you are a boy with a rich fantasy (or girl). There are numerous objects with different shapes in the room. You have to turn the shade with everyday life, such as elephants, fish, frogs, or familiar objects, animals Amor abstract 360.

Basically, you need to find out what the game is required to pass a secret right object. However, you can find the game you need your correct size. For example, if you find Cupid, but he turns the right arrow. The answer is to turn to the left. So if you see an object, you still can not complete the puzzle. In this case, the object to be turned in different directions, making sure that there was no change in their original size in two fingers.

You can only see a small bright dots below the screen? If the correct answer to your property in the area, increasing the number of bright spots. It's a great sign that you know that you're moving in the right direction.

More than 100 puzzles

Spatial Geometry Shadow Matic puzzle looks simple but is actually very difficult. But the good news is if you lose that if you want any time limit. Currently, 100 game corresponds to challenge your imagination, 100 puzzles. Some of the puzzles you can solve them very quickly. Some of the puzzles, however, are your true image taking days or weeks to decide.

In fact, I very loose way to solve the puzzle. Sometimes I was adamant and he thought there was no way, just an elephant eating shrimp moment of "Eureka!" Suddenly seems to have appeared. Somehow I can arrange the blocks to the diver with the silhouette of a cat, a toy airplane or oxygen tanks.

Proposed points

After completion of the Shadow Matic puzzle, you will receive a proposal point. Use hints if you get stuck for a long time can not be solved that puzzle. Each puzzle has four letters. If you use the first two characters of the game, coupled with an answer only two obscure references. The third signal points for the answers, usually you can find the answer with the signal. So the puzzle is too difficult, then left the North of the fourth image signal. Reply From there, simply need to rotate the objects to match.

The signs are very rare. You should use it really stuck. If you use our Shadow Matic (MoD Unlimited signal / unlock), you can use the free hint points. Easily and quickly solve difficult puzzles. The mod version also unlocks all puzzles and rooms.


Shadow plays Matic if you get lost in an abstract world, with many objects and pictures. Beautiful 3D graphics and realistic game. Objects are managed in real life. Their shadows, wall, like a cinema. The music is quite comfortable, so that will help you, we encourage them to focus and visualize.

I love Shadow Matic

Overall, Shadow Matic is a unique puzzle game on mobile devices and tablets. The gameplay is a simple gameplay that can play for hours without feeling bored. If you are confident in your imagination? Triada Studio Game Request your brain with amazing puzzle game objects and pictures.