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May 21, 2020
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Rusty Lake
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Samsara Room APK, a puzzle adventure game with many interesting elements. You won’t want to miss this trip to discover the mysterious stories of Rusty Lake, the developer of the Cube Escape series.

About Samsara Room APK

It's been a long time since I've met a game with a high rating like Samsara Room. Although the Escape Room has been postponed as a version of the series, Rusty Lake has proven that the products they bring a new and exciting experience. Below we get a 4.9 / 5 rating if we find out whether this game is interesting.


Samsara Room is a strange room where the character of the game is trapped and can not get out. He noticed a lot of strange things. The atmosphere around the whole game is an incredible silence. When a black shadow appeared in the mirror, he began to ask, is that it? No one knows what the real answer is. Now the character has to run away from this room. But how to do it when there are little things, including phones, pendulum clocks, and closets?


Samsara Room has simple controls that allow the player to move the view to another area of ​​the room with a button. In addition, you use touch and drag gestures to interact with objects. You know it Yes, this controller is just like the girl I introduced recently.

There are really similarities in the gameplay. They move back and forth between areas and find the elements complete. I saw a sheet of paper on the table next to the phone. When I chose the receiver, a lot of words appeared and I think I arranged to send them a message. Although it sounds frustrating, the game can activate me in a certain order.

After a long time, I couldn't find the knife in the drawer. This helped me open the message in the letter. The call was made when I could draw the whole picture in the window to find a new room. However, to open the door known for the second dimension, the game forces us to find the five objects hidden in the room. When you search, you will be taken to another dimension. The setting is still the same as the old room, but the and objects and its state have changed.

Includes horror elements

Yes, I was often shocked by the creepy scenes in the Samsara Room. I once found a candle to fill window spaces. I saw something hidden behind the watch cabinet, tried to get everything out, and got my hands on it. I tried to hand over the thing in the inventory and in the end he took the knife and returned the human heart. What does that mean? I don’t really know, but one thing I do know is that the hand will continue to appear and change shape and color.

The shadow on the window changed in the same way. His head was replaced by the sharp teeth of a fish head. The second time I saw the silhouette of a monster with two shining eyes and wings behind him. He stood in the mirror and stared at me.


The graphics in the Samsara Room are very bright and displayed in 2D graphics, but they can't hide the strange and slightly creepy feeling in the room. The sound is also very well designed, while the background music is very simple and pleasant while playing. But sometimes it presents a lot that makes it dramatic to find a way to find a part.


Can you help the character escape into this Samsara Room? Who is the black shadow in the mirror? Get new experience with World APK, Puzzle Adventure game, and wait for you to find a solution.