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2.3.5 for Android
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Feb 12, 2024
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5.0 and up

Saiko No Sutoka APK is a horror survival game that takes players on a thrilling ride through the twisted mind of a psychotic serial killer. As the protagonist, players find themselves trapped in a dark and foreboding world, desperately seeking a way to escape the clutches of the insane Yandere girl named Saiko Chan.


There are two states of saiko AI as she suffers from DID. Which makes surviving from saiko unique compared to other horror survival games:

State of Yandere

Saiko Chan is not directly hostile to The Player in this state, but she will not let The Player escape and will slow Player progress by a variety of means in order to prevent Player progression.

State of Yangire

As long as she has done enough damage, Saiko Chan will return back to Yandere State once she has killed The Player. She is extremely hostile in this state, and will try any means to do so.

Game objectives:

You have been abducted by Saiko Chan and are trapped in the school. The goal is to escape the school by collecting the numbers that will open the safe that contains the key to the exit door.

Three game modes with different visual styles are introduced in the early launch on Steam.

  • The Yandere Mode shows Saiko Chan as a sane version of herself before she was snapped (Tutorial/Story Mode)
  • A normal game is played in Normal Mode, and a hard game in Hard Mode is played in Escape Mode.
  • Yangire Mode; this is the toughest mode and it is only suitable for those who are looking for a challenge. Mode: Very difficult


The Antagonist: Saiko Chan

Saiko Chan serves as the primary antagonist in the game. She is not merely a run-of-the-mill killer; she possesses a unique brand of madness that sets her apart from other antagonists in the genre. Unlike her counterparts, Saiko Chan's psychosis is whimsical and playfully sadistic.

The Yandere Connection

Japanese manga and anime series have gained immense popularity in recent years. Saiko Chan takes this concept to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a Yandere. While traditional Yandere characters are usually portrayed as possessive and obsessive, Saiko Chan adds playfulness and unpredictability to her behavior.

AI-Driven Gameplay

One of the key aspects of Saiko No Sutoka APK is the unique AI-driven behavior of the antagonist. Saiko Chan's playful nature adds an extra layer of terror to the game, as she engages in mind games with her Senpai, the player-character. This dynamic creates palpable tension and suspense, as players are constantly on guard, unsure of when or if Saiko Chan will strike.

Art of Terror

The developers have carefully crafted the game's visuals and sound design to enhance the terror experience. The dark and eerie atmosphere, coupled with eerie background music and chilling sound effects, creates a truly immersive experience for players. Attention to detail, from the realistic portrayal of Saiko Chan's twisted mind to the meticulously designed environments, leaves a lasting impression on players. This ensures their safety.


Saiko No Sutoka APK offers players an unsettling and captivating gaming experience, thanks to its unique blend of horror and playfulness. The focus on the villain, Saiko Chan, allows players to delve into her twisted psyche. This allows players to experience a terrifying and intriguing gameplay dynamic.

The game's exploration of Saiko Chan's playful AI behavior and psychological torment creates a compelling narrative that keeps players on the edge of their seats throughout their journey. Saiko No Sutoka is a testament to the power of storytelling in horror gaming. It successfully intertwines fear with levity to create a truly memorable gaming experience.

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