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3.3.8 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 31, 2020
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Mod Features:
God Mode, Max Attack Speed
Required Android:
Android 4.1

RPG Toram Online  (God Mode / Max Attack Speed) - Publisher Asobimo Avabel, Izanagi, Aurcus, ... this year they have names like the back very well worth the wait to ram with online RPG game, so well-known role-playing games, it's predecessor, the sword art with words can be considered a clone version of the online Iruna. If you have to explore a huge open-world role-playing game in which you love the secrets of legends and adventurers in the legendary warriors, you can miss this game.


Toram writes RPG Toram Online unfinished story. Decades ago, what a disaster the world. The world broke meteorite fragments. Collect the pieces of the gods and tried to restore with the world. The results are as expected. Was created a strange new world. The world was divided into four varieties with different principles and rules of the four different countries if they knew. You'll have to learn the secrets behind the four states and a bold adventurers Warriors.


The first impression when you open an online image team. Crisp and vibrant 3D graphics is not bad in most other RPGs on the PC. Anime genre, players will be immersed in amazing world like a fairy tale. Most large-scale works with the world of medieval European architectural style, with lots of beautiful scenery. These factors will help you to play for hours without feeling tired.

The characters are described in detail. As proof of the player character, that character can be customized weight and height, hair, face, eyes, clothes, because in this game you can customize many of the details...

In addition, the game's HUD which allows you to customize the phone's screen. The camera angle can be changed by using the camera icon in the corner of the screen or the screen claw.


RPG Toram Online toram, then you can interessantesten stories about the characters and the exploration takes place in terms of disaster. The best way to get you to search the world for players, hundreds of Asobimo simple tasks are difficult. Mission system, kill monsters, collect resources such as boss battles seen in creatures, as can usually be found in the MMORPG game ...

The characters do not have much influence on the process of figuring out the story selection. Each character has a unique beginning to join their government after which you can start driving in search of secrets of the state and the United States to find a way out of the four states. Str characters, Dax, vitamins, Agi and upgraded, including Int rise by statistics. The destination and updates the index based on the character of the players in the first-class priority. For example, if you must prioritize the use of the first fighter to improve, so Str.


RPG Toram Online some of the main features of the top RPG. In addition, the basement, families, lobbies, trade type, ... Overall, a roll-in game genre, this game is a good quality graphics THANK U runs a slightly different line of defeated opponents in the game, and many other interesting features and gameplay. Now it's time to enjoy the best RPG on mobile and free to download.