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Jun 01, 2020
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Introducing Rolly Legs

It is not impossible to mention the famous game maker Voodoo with fun arcade games related to exclusive and creative ideas. Rolly Legs is the latest product on Google Play, which is really a remarkable game. Although the game did not start very long ago, players are excited about the fun and unique races.


A common point of voodoo game is minimal gameplay and simple controls. Impressive, simple, easy to play based on a player's experience.

In front of the slopes, players only have to share fingers to curl the robot like a ball. This will help speed up his pace so that he can overtake the opponent. When the player encounters an obstacle, he just taps the screen, then the robot's legs appear and you can jump.

Funny race

Rolly Legs is not an endless running game like Ironner or Tower Run. The difficulty of this game is even more interesting and challenging. Racetracks are sometimes flat, curved, sometimes they look like waves, and sometimes players have to cross sandy and wet tracks. Not only that, but the obstacles on the way are also very difficult. If you don't want to crash, players will have to break down walls.

In addition, Rolly Legs are also very competitive. In one race, players face three other AI opponents who make the first attempt to reach the finish line.


Players can also use parachutes to keep the robots in the air longer due to the effects of the wind. When the ball is in the air for a certain period of time, it automatically moves forward with force and quickly. However, this technique is used only once per race.

When you go through many levels, new and exciting tracks will be unlocked. You will receive a bonus when the first timer expires. The less time it takes to complete the competition, the higher the price. Behind the finish line is a bonus. Here you can increase your bonus.

Unlock skins

With coins, players can collect unique ball skins. Just like the gameplay of this game, the designers have created many new and interesting skins.

However, players are not allowed to buy these skins directly, but they must be collected randomly. The more specialized skins, the more coins you have to use. Colored balls, rainbow balls, wheels, aliens, giraffes, comets, and many other beautiful animals.


Rolly Legs Race is based on vibrant and colorful 3D graphics. Two sides of the course have been designed and trees, houses, swimming pools, dams have been added to make the race more real. The interface is also very simple, but flawless and interacts well with the user.

After all, music is impossible to mention. As the ball continues into the background music, you have the opportunity to enjoy many exciting EDM songs that you can enjoy while playing.


Many people believe that this game is easy to hack and really inappropriate. If you want to overcome obstacles and win easily, the player should only use a parachute so that the ball flies in the air longer. This helps bypass the break time. And if the player follows a normal pace and overcomes obstacles, the AI ​​is always in favor of running faster, even if both perform the same action.

The latest version about Rolly Legs MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins: You no longer need to look at the ads because there are so many coins in the MOD APK version we provide. Use it to make lucky moves and unlock unique skins.


The newly introduced Rolly Legs didn’t take long, so I haven’t had a big chance to experience them yet. So my comments may be incomplete. But overall, the game is very fun and can help you reduce stress. If you are free, you can download Rolly Legs to your phone and take part in the fun races of this game.