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1.3.4 for Android
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Dec 15, 2019
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Android 4.4W
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Rocket Sky! (MOD Free Shopping) is a very interesting arcade game of Quali. The game is a rocket that is very interesting for both the world and humanity. As a kid, no astronaut wanted to fly rockets into space and reach the stars. It was a distant dream, but beautiful. Rocket sky! Help us realize your passion for spaceships and make this dream come true!

Rocket Sky! There is a simple but interesting gift that the publisher Quali has sent to that player. As names like Shootout 3D or Jetpack jump are mentioned, we can easily identify this publisher's style. They always relax players by playing soft but addictive games. It's a Quali slogan and an opportunity to attract millions of players from all over the world.

A simple game

This time Quali brought a very simple and unique game. Rocket Sky! Simple gameplay and suitable for almost all ages. Whether you are a kid or a pensioner, you can play easily. You have to touch and catch your rocket to fly as much as possible. This may sound simple, but this simplicity will trick the first-tier players.

First, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the engine, operating theory and flight path of the rocket. This makes it easy to control the missile and bring it to the farthest point in the universe. If you hold only long enough to fly high, the temperature rises and explodes. The cost of a rocket is enormous, nobody wants to waste it in the game and in real life!

Breaks the record

All you have to do is run more successful missiles to break the record without mastering more challenges or levels to play with different game modes. Previous records were created not just for you but for all the players in the world. You could say Rocket Sky!, though the gameplay is monotonous! There are still ways to keep players busy for longer. Being able to cross all the records means your records will be challenging for any player in the world. That way, each player can know his name.

And to achieve the purpose of Rank 1 in the world, you must understand the principles of rocket operation to launch it to the highest position. If you look closely you will see that when the missile launches, there are two yellow and red stripes on the fuselage. This will help you determine the position of the rocket in action. Yellow indicates the amount of fuel remaining and the red indicates the rocket temperature. Pay special attention to the red belt. When it is full, the rocket temperature rises. The rocket will explode if you do not control it.

Discover new planets

Rocket Sky! There is no level of difficulty with rising challenges, instead, the world record is constantly set so you can win. However, if you can play the game in many different contexts, you will not be bored. Each time you launch your rocket, you will discover many new planets. And yes, you can also choose where your rocket launchers are located. However, the ultimate goal is still to fly high and do as much as possible.

In addition to the new unlocked planets, you will receive many gold coins on each successful flight. With this money, you can upgrade your rocket. You can upgrade the radiator or increase fuel consumption to make your trip better. Especially with this gold, you can unlock more advanced rocket types.


Advertising in all mobile games is always a nuisance to the players. However, advertising plays an important and essential role in the game. At one point in the game, it would be extremely difficult to get gold coins for upgrading equipment. So you can see some ads to get the gold packages. And if you are sure that you can make a lot of money, then it is good to disconnect the internet and enjoy Rocket Sky!


Rocket Sky! There are simple graphics with colorful 2D designs. In addition to well-known scenes on distant planets, the game has various references to mysterious cosmic scenes. In addition, the game offers a lot of details and eye-catching rockets. You won't be bored or overworked!

Are you ready to fly?

All of the above are winged words for Rocket Sky! But generally, it's just a simple game in terms of gameplay and a little monotonous. So, own