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Jun 15, 2020
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Rollic Games
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Free Shopping
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Introducing Repair Master 3D

There is no denying that electronics give us convenience and usefulness. However, electronics are very sensitive to errors and damage during use. Rollic games developer's fun 3D repair simulation game, in Repair Master 3D, you are responsible for repairing defective electronics for customers. As it came closer to everyday life, it was visited by a large number of players (over 5 million installations).


In Repair Master 3D you are a repair specialist who specializes in electronic components. A lot of defective electronics come into your shop every day. These can be defective screens, defective buttons, defective game consoles, etc. There are millions of different types of errors related to errors. Of course, chips, RAM, and PCB errors are more difficult.

The first game will take you in detail to make it easier for players to learn how the game works. Repair Master 3D describes, for example, steps to open the device, retrieve defective components, and replace them with new ones. And then the player has to fix them, calm them down, and complete the challenge. However, you don't have to worry too much about your electronics skills. All you have to do is remove the parts shown on the screen, replace the new ones, and reinstall them the same way you did when you opened them.

The higher the level, the more difficult the challenge. Not only do you need to remove and install it, but you also need to take a few more steps, such as b. Spray cpu Thermal paste, remove stains, remove rust ... After repairing a specific device, players receive cash. Money also corresponds to the level of difficulty. At the same time, the system will also unlock more high-end devices to perform more complex tasks with higher performance.

Decorate your office

As a reformer, you should know that the work area greatly affects your performance. A bright and beautiful location improves the working environment. When you experience Repair Master 3D, players can design the workplace to their liking. You can decorate bookshelves, desks, wall paint and more.

However, office fee items are very expensive and not very varied. You can increase your revenue by watching advertising videos three times the amount of your bonus. Tips B Using X is also not a bad idea.

How do I control this game?

Repair Master 3D is a typical minimal control game. The repair process is quick and easy. Players simply tap and swipe to remove and erase elements and press to perform many other tasks.

Graphics and sound

Although it is a simple game, the design of the budgets really surprised me. The interior is carefully reproduced by the developers from size, design to color. In addition to general entertainment, Repair Master 3D offers players many interesting graphical experiences. The melody is also fun, combined with free gameplay, with tough targets to make players feel more comfortable.

About the latest version of Repair Master 3D MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Free shopping: You can shop freely and decorate your office without worrying about the price. All items cost 0.


Repair Master 3D is more than a game of entertainment. It gives me a lot of knowledge about popular home appliances and electronic components. But the good thing is that you can easily play this game without anyone knowing.

Repair Master 3D is not very large (only 50 MB). It also does not allow your device to connect to the internet. If you have an internet connection, you can watch promotional videos with some benefits. The game is simple, fun, polite, helps to entertain the players, and relieves stress.