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1.12.7 for Android
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Feb 13, 2020
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Android 5.0

The war between light and darkness is never over. If you want to be part of a great story? Raid: Shadow Legends APK is a turn-based RPG from Publishers Plarium. The game has attracted a large number of players from Android and iOS global this year before its release. Evidence game has installed over 10 million access to more than one Google Play with a 500,000 Five Star rating. Now let's get some interesting information about the game.

Summary about RAID: Shadow Legends APK

Name - RAID: Shadow Legends

Publisher - Plarium

Genre - 3D, Online, RPG

Latest Version - 1.12.7

Size - 94MB

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 5.0

Raid: Shadow Legends opens with a familiar scene: the fire-breathing dragon provides four brave generals. However, the first four heroes can devise monsters in this group was captured, and the three transform the rest into roasts. A warning sign in this turn-based RPG without careful preparation where this sudden and brutal opening. Don't underestimate Raid if you haven't seen dinner want to be a dragon.


The plot of the game is set in a fantasy world. Once upon a time, Teleria was a mighty calm and happy state. But all of it was destroyed when the kingdom descended from the Dark Lord Sirota. You and the warriors bring light to the state involved in the war with Teleria Siroth. The future of Teleria is in your hands.


Raid: Shadow Legends teamwork and needs unity. The first thing you need is to build a team of game heroes. Then you are warriors above Lord Siroth (number one). If you do not have to fight on turn-based special games to control the character quite normal RPG. Your job is to select the skills of each character, and then select the object, your character will automatically attack the object.

Champions such groups as the Orcs, barbarians, knights dead and many other factors; Fortunately, you can unlock a lot of dark elves, lizards. All missions are ready to go to save their world. Each character has its own skills and abilities you will not have to repeat the strategy to fight the enemies. Thus with new magic books and weapons and their number armor increases the renewal of these abilities.

Build your team

Hints are a raid system that you can update to remove champions vulnerable people: however, one character is not attached. Upgrade up to six low-level brave victim master strong characters. You feel satisfied when they exchange weak champions with more than a dozen levels of your favorite warrior. Be careful even if you can choose to sacrifice something! High Elf Archer looks weak, but he has the right amount of skills for most Orc owners.

To build a team is just the beginning of a war. Whether you plan to plot, fund or compete against other online players or complete basement exercises, Raid won all the strategic intelligence you need to push the difficult struggle. Balanced in their fight against offensive and defensive strength? How to make the most out of your team? You can ignore the tactical element in the RAID, but I warned, "the dragon is still hungry. "


RAID: Shadow Legends Provide your hero on a series of special tools to equip. A warrior can be equipped with weapons, hats, armor shoes, ... then you can help to improve the strong warrior of these weapons. As a warrior, tools have become common, rare, epic and legendary.


RAID: Shadow Legends Here are some modes of the game you can choose from. Campaign mode, in which you play this story. Taking all the enemies one by one, you will face the boss at the end of each chapter. In this mode, you can explore the world of Teleria. Join adventure through villages, castles, collars, and deserts.

In addition, the game has many other appealing looks like group wars, arenas, guild wars, such as dungeons. In the arena, you have to deal with other online players around the world. You and Gain were pushed up. You can also bring a guild and join our society in the guild battle conditions fame.


RAID: Shadow Legends Graphic Remaining Component. The world of Teleria is based on a majestic wide distribution. Because of these kinds of walls, trees, rocks, every object, ... are driven by expansion. The special effects of the characters contribute to all the factors on special skills, intense battle.


I think this game is not that difficult. Not only to win, you must use the most powerful warrior, but also claim that any kind of enemy that requires strategy. Sometimes failure is not so bad. It helps to rethink and refine their strategy. A game that you love, then play a turn-based role Raid: Shadow Legends A Game You Can't-Miss.