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May 27, 2020
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Johnny Trigger is one of the best action games of the SayGames developer. If you already have it in your Android phone, try paying attention to the Rage Road MOD APK (unlimited money) and see how interesting this game is!

Introduction to Rage Road

Rage Road has not launched so long ago but soon received more than 5 million installations off Google Play. At first glance, the game looks bright enough to be the next action blockbuster, Johnny Trigger, allowing players to get involved. Does Rage Road really contribute to Segams' success? Let's find the answer in the article below!


Not much text on Rage Road. The first scene in the picture of a man named Jack is done by a group of murderers. They use the touch of the screen to control the crosshair and protect its life. Shortly afterward, a secret agent working for Jack appears and tells him that his company has been robbed. Now he struggles with the dangers behind him and finds a mastermind for him. So you saw the purpose of this game. Set it aside for now and don't let Jack get hurt.

The controls are really simple. Just touch and swipe to slide backward. The killer hunts. However, this is not easy as your car is moving while Rage Road needs the more close attention of the players as the challenges keep going.

Trouble, but don't worry. Seams always know how to easily create challenges so that players can understand the rhythm of the game.

The challenge becomes difficult

The number of assassins chasing you is increasing, even four or five cars. What would you do in this situation? The goal of the first car tires! The first car hits the second car and causes a terrible accident.

But what if their vehicles have armed tires? I think killing the driver is the most skillful move. The car will soon lose control. Another thing to keep in mind is to always prioritize the destruction of nearby enemies. There are two reasons for this: The first is that if you get a bullet in someone's head, their body part will be thrown away and the people behind it will be affected. Second, the enemy can catch bombs. If it’s close enough, it will throw in your car and “boom”, you have to start all over.

Equip better weapons

After playing the game for a few days, I realized that skills alone were not enough to protect Jack's safety. You will soon know when your enemy is using a helicopter and will strike with a missile. You need more defense equipment and weapons at this time!

First, buy a steel shield for the car to protect the hood and cockpit. The drivers are very weak and you cannot escape if the vehicle loses control. Then change the tire set for the better. If not balanced, the vehicle turns. In this case, armored wheels, or cast steel wheels, would be safer options for travel.

After that, you need more ammunition and faster reloading speed. These machine guns are great ideas, but they are very expensive and you need to work hard to get money.

Apart from that the store also has very unique costumes. You can buy helmets, non-toxic masks, and protective suits to make Jack feel more excited!

Mission system

Rage Road will update new missions every day. This is a fun way to make more money. Initially, they are easy to complete with 10 headshot shots. After that, they can increase the number, ask you to buy something in the store or mix 30 times.

The MOD version of Rage Road

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamonds


Rage Road has very fun 3D graphics with good lighting effects. Even though the scenes go out and revolve around the street, the scene is not as bloody and violent as you might think. Most of it was inherited from Johnny Trigger for players 12 and older.