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Oct 22, 2018
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NetEase Games
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Android, iOS

We are familiar with the publisher NetEase. Although two knives of Survival games have been very successful before normal, recently publisher PUBG Mobile Quantum Special Attack also known officially announced the launch of a game. Many have achieved success in the previous two games in one of the world's best-selling mobile games. Nor is it difficult to find a mobile version PUBG market. So, to bring hope to the players, and Quantum will be more attractive to a particularly aggressive player in the future.

Aware of the existence of drama

Many people say the magnitude special attack is a game that combines Fortnite PUBG and mobile versions. This right. The game is still the owner PUBG as the shooter genre but added a bit of a survival game. They still enjoy a game on the big map. You participate in other online players, causing hundreds of life and death battle. The game is the last survivor wins. So if you are looking for ways to survive. Other players like you. Go to the right to avoid risks. Your shooting skills are also very important; This will help you win the struggle.

I was very impressed with the new facility magnitude special attack. So do not shoot guns or collect weapons and other PUBG games, but allow you to choose how to build this type of material, wood, stone, iron, etc. or even the defense system with you. It helps you to fight the enemy. Fight The game is also fun and varied. In addition, you do not leave the plane. You will begin to fight for every part of the city, like such as roads or buildings.

Weapons and characters

The failed parameter can refer to a specific attack weapon system. Like weapons, AWM, as a military weapon in the rifle ... Instead, the new weapons, such as modern, as a whole. You must be aware of the loss of encouraging arms to get the balls to change ...

The game has a lot of characters. You can make the appearance of your characters in different outfits, adapt the hairstyle... I often choose the female character while playing because the female characters are usually small, difficult to understand. And besides, I'm a man.

New Design

Quantum particularly realistic attack cartoon graphics, previous games. It brings a whole new experience for the players. Do not you think that because of the cool game, a battle as a part of the bright colors, pleasant sensation. Japanese and Chinese Currently, new games will support only two languages. Therefore, many players will have to master the difficult access and manipulation. However, an image of the game is quite understandable and detailed instructions. The publisher NetEase hope to support more languages, especially English.


Quantum Special Attack to help you to be a real soldier. Many interesting battles in the game is hard to wait for you. Messer and reached millions of players to conduct the defense in the world. Quantum special attack is successful in the last two matches?