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Jun 06, 2020
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In recent years, a very popular sport on any smartphone PUBG mobile. You can easily see PUBG players everywhere. Tencent's survival game with exciting gameplay and realistic graphics Unreal Engine 4 was also a weakness to be a strength of the game. Due to sharp and detailed graphics, the game is a highly configurable call if you want to play the game easily without a visual glitch or FPS drop, you need to.

What is needed, Publisher Trilokia PUB Gfx+ (with the advance settings) systems, a program that helps you reduce it ripped maintained stable and space, deep intervention meat PUBG mobile settings and gaps in the game, was appreciated. Using Google removed for unknown reasons released on November 25, 20L8. On 12/05/2019, it is returned officially release PUB Gfx+ tools in Google. Learning with great application APKMODY below about some of the features!

Optimized Gaming Series War

There are several ways to improve graphics performance and optimize mobile PUBG. Tencent PUBG has recently launched a lite version for mobile devices with weak configurations. However, this version uses a different server. If they have become a major obstacle for players who do not play the original version with your friends. In addition, the Lite version is limited to a number of countries. You can mention here the mobile light PUBG.

PUBG mobile, you can just customize the low, medium and high three settings. This clearly was not enough for many players. You can hardly fit the best tool to use deep disturbing image quality optimization. With a game like PUBG mobile, image plays an important role. You can not fight with less image quality and there are a constant delay and move. Other players can not know in front of a car or a tree while easily kill.

Release PUB Gfx + Tool, you can solve this problem. Many personal details about applying graphics to give you. For example, you adjust or reduce the resolution, etc. Thanks, description, FPS, this, you can easily use convenient tools to increase the image quality can customize/disable shadow.

Not only reduce the image quality but the app also you can enjoy great picture quality to unlock 1080p resolution. Obviously, if you need a phone with the high configuration you want to experience this feature.

Save battery and more

In addition, the devices offer multiple features hardware release PUB Gfx + Tool create a friendly call. It is easy to use, so you do not need a lot of hardware knowledge. Before using this application, you will use it to determine the correct version of the mobile PUBG. Currently, sports, Korean and Chinese are included in three versions, globally.

  • Increase / Decrease Resolution: Resolution Max game. This method is suitable for low-end devices.
  • Graphics: This app gives you five options including standard, smooth, balanced, HD, HDR. PUBG phone only three options: low, medium, high.
  • Customizable FPS: There are four levels, including, standard, high-Ultra and Extreme. Think about the running game with FPS more simple, choose one of the best when it fits properly on your device.
  • Enable / Disable Shadows: This setting is not included. A major impact on the quality of the silhouette and FPS. Do you use low-end devices, disable this feature?

Some advanced settings

In addition to the above features, you can pay to unlock some advanced settings. In the following article, we provided Publishing PUB Gfx + Tool (Advance Settings/NOBAN)

  • Memory Boost performance improvement.
  • Shortcut: You do not need to open it using the app every time. Release PUB Gfx + Tool is a shortcut on the main screen. Game optimized using the automatic open your configuration settings.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Zero.
  • Save battery.

Should we use the release PUB GFX + tool?

Of course, if you are a follower of mobile PUBG, PUB Gfx + ToolRequired application. This app allows you to get the best graphical experience to adapt to intervene more deeply in hardware players. PUBG mobile world players in the game with exciting gameplay with a very large number. However, the configuration requirements and graphics, a lot of people who want to experience the game, but there are significant resource constraints. The problem, as the GFX device has completely dissolved.

There are currently required to pay to download the publication PUB Gfx + equipment. But you can download for free via the link under the article."