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4.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 10, 2020
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Mod Features:
Damage x15, God Mode, Auto Win
Required Android:
Android 5.0

Project QT (Mod God Mode, High Damage, Auto To Win) is an action-adventure game introduced by Nutaku. You probably already know this publisher. Nutaku is an editor of anime-style graphics games, but he publishes all games intended for adults, as the game contains only a few NSFW images and is not suitable for children under 18.

Nutaku is headquartered in Canada. He specializes in publishing games on mobile platforms and web browsers. All the games are free. Not only that, but his games are also very popular. Mention a few names like Fap CEO, Pocket Waifu Booty calls, ... and today I will introduce you to a turn-based combat style based on Project QT - Action Game.


Project QT has a clear, simple story. The game takes place in a fantasy setting in which technology and science develop in the world. People always want to move beyond the earth and learn something like the cosmic black hole.

At the North Pole, a black hole was used but was inadvertently associated with other dimensions in which extraterrestrial beings exist. Monsters (beautiful girls) appear on the other end of the black hole to invade the planet. The world went into chaos. Facing this situation, a group of girls falls to the ground to fight men who intend to invade Earth. Their task is to gather a group of beautiful girls, form a team and join the battle for the protection of humanity.

This game has linker gameplay similar to the King's Blossom Blast Saga. But instead of adding flowers, connect with power stones. Make an easy connection with 3 or more identical stones with your finger. Each stone has a different quality to strengthen your team's female warrior.

Beautiful monster girls

This is a feature that I consider Project QT's most attractive. If you take part in the game, you can collect defeated prisoners in combat. To intensify the invasion of the earth, the enemy is divided into several combat groups. Join campaigns everywhere to destroy your property. Every enemy team has a commander. If you can beat it, you can add it to your collection. The prisoners are taken to the collection and you get some power. You can also use prisoners for other purposes. This feature is a detailed guide to getting started.

Play with friends

Project Qt is an action game, an online adventure where you can play with friends, relatives or any other players from around the world. And PvP mode helps players challenge their friends. With this feature, you can freely venture and make friends with many other players around the world. Tell everyone how to upgrade strong warriors, how to earn things and get out of the dungeon ...


You must summon and train good warriors to take part in many other difficult missions. Sport is one of many weekly events. Events change constantly so you can play all day long without getting bored.


In terms of graphics, Project Qt is on the list of best anime graphics games. During the fight, the characters are created in chubby style, they look beautiful and elegant. Although the characters are only depicted during the battle through chub graphics, the characters are often represented by an efficient rendering of the manga.


If you like turn-based fighting games then Project Qt is really one of the best anime games you've ever seen. The appeal is so great that you can't remove your eyes from your phone. Become the commander of beautiful, warm warriors and take part in a mission to save the earth from invading alien monsters.