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Jun 09, 2020
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How to make a bus stop? How to make a shopping center puzzle pieces? This is one of my many questions when playing Pocket World 3D (MoD Unlimited Money), the current game of Mini Monster. Believe me! This game takes their imagination and a new level You can find many more famous works from around the world by building houses or bus and pieces together. N, you can not miss this game.

Summary about Pocket World 3D MOD APK

Name - Pocket World 3D

Publisher - Minimonster

Genre - 3D, Offline, Puzzle

Latest Version -

Size - 91MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms Android - 4.1

Get over it

A fun puzzle game

Pocket World 3D is a game for people to dream of becoming an architect or an architect in the future. In this highly creative puzzle, game players should use their pieces under construction. It can do any type of building, a tall building, a park, a bus stop or even a pizza tower.

But the good news is that you do not have to play with an architect's knowledge of the game. Game Nothing too complicated. If the pieces fall apart, you can assemble them into something. But collecting the whole house, it is not easy. You can also take a week to complete a tower. In the first level, the game offers a few simple puzzles because of a desk, a bookcase or a small room. Change your mind to the next level harder and harder to pull your mind and imagine that you need to.

Work in-game split parts (A, a1, a2, ...). Some buildings are so complex, you can't remember every single detail.

Travel the world

The work will be separated by country. In the Pocket World 3D game, you travel to get free ticket tickets from around the world. Visit and admire all the architectural work of the nation. If you are coming to Japan, you have this type of building to carry mounted affected ramen restaurants, a girl's kimono and many other Japanese styles of the bridge as Japanese culture. Do you like England? Design works like the Big Ben Clock, London Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace. By filling up any challenges facing the country, you can navigate a new country. Each update brings publisher Mini Monster to bring players with more countries. You can also make the Great Wall of China again.

Will you see the text under the buildings? The proposal is not going to help you solve the puzzle, but it is very interesting information about the buildings to build. More than just a game, countries offer a lot of useful knowledge about the Pocket World 3D around the world. Is that great?


Of course. Recommended "Lifeboy" each time you consider and plug in the reduction. Choose the light circular icon on the right side of the screen, the game is proposed to your next train, you will be helping to find more ideas to complete the puzzle. Instructions are very rare and cost a lot of money, so I think you should only use the clue when you have really hoped. The world in our Pocket World 3D MOD is a huge amount of money. It helps you unlock more countries, characters, and games.


Pocket World 3D in beautiful 3D graphics with bright colors. I didn't expect that to be realistic, but the graphics and design of the game are excellent. It's like a toy assembly. You can easily control it without delay. The graphics are so realistic, the easiest time compatible with Android devices.

Do you like classical music? So do not miss this game. During the assembly process, enjoy classical music. It promotes relaxation and relaxes your imagination.


When I was young, I think that robot models gathered toys in a castle or a lot in a park. The game reminds me of my childhood, I often spend all day playing with just assembled models. Overall, Pocket World 3D is a puzzle game in which to relax after a busy day. Everyone knows how in this game you are an adult or just a boy. Exciting imagination and intelligence players in this game, you can play with their children and teach them how to organize everything.