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for Android
Updated On:
May 12, 2020
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Electronic Arts
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Unlimited Money/Sun
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Are you a green fan? Then you should have gardening talent! Or were you bitten by a zombie? Both capabilities Plants vs. Zombies(MOD Unlimited Money / Sun) are completely justified.

In this classic tower defense game, you will play the role of a humble host determined to prevent Murray attacks by planting various protective and invasive plants in the garden. Since it debuted on Google Play in 2013, Plants Vs. Zombies with smart design, fast and fun rhythms capture lasting ovations.

Thanks to a series of regular updates, the game always brings a new spirit to the player. Here are the reasons why we still play this game:

Interesting intrigue

Plants vs. Zombies Attack on the zombies takes place in a city. They go home and eat the thoughts of all the survivors. Your job is to grow special plants to prevent the zombies from trying to reach your home.

Many modes and content

You have to face undoing. You do not dissolve your garden for others. Each bunch of destroyed ock appears in another bunch and Plants vs. Zombies, which means you have more options to stop the zombies.

How many seeds, how will your garden grow?

The game combines a variety of modes: adventure, puzzles, Zen Garden and dozens of mini-games, including additional projection modes like wall-nut bowling and habit-breaking.

Many new plants

Are you on the roof? Sow New Trees Now!

Classic plants like peashooters, potato mines, and chompers are still the same, but the number of trees used as weapons in the game has increased. For example, you can now blast a group of 3 × 3 cells with Xplod-O-nut. It is effective, gentle but also nutritious!

In many places

Adventure mode includes 50 very funny levels. In the first 10 levels, you start in a garden familiar with the proper lighting conditions for the plants. Natural light is a source of income for the purchase of plants that match your strategy.

The next level will introduce you to more challenging challenges. You have to fight in the dark, the fog and the pool. The mist reduces your thoughts and the darkness relaxes some plants. In the pool map, you have to find the balance between soil and aquatic Plants vs. Zombies in this game have the ability to swim very well. You can trim your plants. Walnuts are still an effective remedy, even over water.

Like the PC version, Plants vs. Zombies also have levels on the roof with many dangerous zombies. Don't miss out!

Nice graphics

Do battle with the undead on every battlefield with a better surface ...

Whether human or dead, appearance is always important. The innovative interface lets you watch this epic game like never before. With just a tap, you can fight a snorkel zombie in Zombie Aquarium mode or play at your favorite level.

What's more in Plants vs Zombies mode?

If you use our Plants vs. Zombies (MOD Unlimited Money / Sun), one sun will give you 1000 points of light. With this feature, you can quickly develop strategies and plant several trees to protect against zombie attacks. This version helps you overcome difficult levels more easily.


Trust me, you will experience an interesting tower defense game of your time. And once you've mastered the whole challenge of the game, you can continue your journey by spending time with plants and other cultures in the city. Plants vs. Zombies 2 and focus on new things in plants vs. Zombies 3 is happy. Plants vs. Zombies by download link under this article.