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Oct 10, 2019
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Plague Inc. (MOD unlock all) is provided for a game developed by our earth, that While the exact name of the publisher is now a strange feeling. Yes, there are always games to play their game, it's worth it. 8 ball pool, their popular titles archery King Bowmasters ...

Space developer and publisher based in Switzerland. His company was founded in 2001 and today more than 1,000 games, which had been sold worldwide so far. First, the game is developed on a browser platform. But so far they have developed the game on many platforms such as Android and iOS.

Earth Simulation

If Plague Inc. In the game, you play as a villain intent to destroy humanity. Usually, players who play the evil the good side of the face. But before the game to play the lead villain germs spreading around the world. His main task, the virus spreads fear terrorist biological toxins Giants made all humanity with you.

Plague Inc. is the epidemic of our planet and extends the simulated process. The simple game has three different levels Medium, Hard. Each step corresponds to the consciousness of humanity. For example, the simplest case, people do not need to clean activities, medical treatment, etc. are too lazy to research the hard mode or there is a high awareness of disease prevention. Research laboratories are constantly working to find drugs.

Virus developed

The world is a dangerous level, then you have a lot of work. The bacteria are spread to many scientists and governments in all countries of the world and cure research organizations in its work pace. You must use your tactical mind to improve your microbes, it will be difficult for drug research. You can also follow updates daily newspaper to read the latest information. From there, you'll know that you need to improve your germs.

If the spread of the virus, the DNA will appear on the map, you have to update your virus to put it. , Ways to interact with the breath of animals such as the improvement in the spread of the virus by various ... In general, a variety of natural conditions and climate in all regions of the world. And perhaps no bacteria grew in the area under natural conditions. So in addition to pathogenic micro-organisms that can develop, you should also be able to improve their resistance to spread in every area of ​​the world.

Create a new virus

In general, there are different such as bacteria, viruses as microbes, parasites can be divided into different types such as pathogens nuclear weapons and very different advantages and disadvantages of each type. When the game starts, you start by bacteria. It is suitable for beginners due to its rapid spread, but it seems to be easier to treat just disappeared.

Plague Inc. is making it easier to follow the owner of the situation and microbes information much broader dimensions. So does the bacterial pathogen itself shows no parameters, but the game screen death is the number one vaccine progress than combat bacterial pathogen. And the harder it is to create a more complex microbial treatment. But it requires a lot of knowledge if you want to try a higher difficulty.

Intuitive Interface

Plague Inc. In addition to the above functions also attracted a number of other great features and benefits players. World game you are shown a very special player tracking system as reliable as with much detail. The game contains more than 12 different pathogens for you to try. In addition, the graphics interface with easy to use and easy to keep an advantage.


For me, Plague Inc the best free-to-play simulation game I've ever known. Test more than 50 million downloads on Google Play is the beauty of this game. Download the game to your phone via the link under the article. Infections and diseases are becoming masters of the world