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App By:
Digital Onahooole
7.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 10, 2023
444.8 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

Paio Hazard 7.1 APK - Lina is a female detective who has been assigned to investigate the strange disappearances of homeless people in a certain town. Apparently, all homeless people who have disappeared were offered high-paying jobs before they disappeared, according to the local info broker.

Paio Hazard is a brutal and hardcore hentai platformer and shooter that will blow your mind. It's not for those who aren't sure if they like hardcore. There are no hindering factors in this game.

A famous game publisher, Digital Onahoole, has released a game called Paio Hazard with devastating 2D scenes and captivating storylines to give players the best experience. Let's explore this great game further in this article if you're curious.

About Paio Hazard 7.1 APK

Paio Hazard is a famous action game developed by Digital Onahoole. As soon as this game was released, a lot of gamers came to the Paio Hazard APK version, which is an exclusive mobile version.

In addition to being inspired by Japanese manga, this is also a Japanese game that has brought great success to the developer. The market for this game has not slowed down since its launch and continues to grow strong.

Paio Hazard mobile game has been out for quite some time, but players cannot stop being emotional about it when it comes to the name Paio Hazard. Due to its charm, gameplay, and bold storyline, the game seems to have deeply imprinted on every gamer, making them unable to forget about it.

Plot evolution

Players who participate in Paio Hazard for free will be transformed into Lina, a female detective. Visiting a gloomy town in order to investigate the disappearance of many people in the village and around, Lina is a talented female detective with exceptional skills.

As a result of a thorough investigation, Lina discovered the reason for the disappearance of the people. When she found the place, she pretended to be the person who wanted the job, and it all began from here.

Starting with the player's job, control the main character to find the locked people and rescue them from this dark, dirty place. Lina's nimble touch manipulates the character dynamically to attack the enemy and escape.


A good storyline is present in the game. The story of Paio Hazard is about a ruthless detective named Lina who is brave and ruthless. She is a tough police officer. However, she loves sex and has big breasts. A homeless person mysteriously vanishes in a quiet little town where she arrives.

The mist soon zombifies everyone in town, turning them into monsters and zombies who always want love. In this crazy town, Lena is trying to survive, while at the same time helping anyone in need. In addition, she is also trying to overcome her lust.


Paio Hazard APK offers smooth 2D graphics combined with an engaging gameplay and storyline to make this a great action game for this year. So what are you waiting for? Get Paio Hazard latest version for your mobile phone now and experience unforgettable moments.

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