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Introduction to Omega Legends

Omega Legends is a Battle Royale game that started after games like Fortnight, Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Survival Rules. Despite its late release, Omega Legends was able to learn more from its predecessors to create a unique game for itself.

Battle Royale gameplay

It can be seen that the Omega Legend gameplay is a perfect combination of Fortnite and Apex legends. This is evident from the shooting method and the survival factors of the gameplay. Players are transformed into soldiers at the transfer station and then left on the desert island. Here the players have to try to survive and destroy 99 other players, as in the end only one person is allowed to survive.

To do this, players have to control a character who constantly moves around the island and around buildings to collect weapons, armor, ammunition, and supplies. Things are scattered all over the island. Collect all the items needed to survive.

However, the guards are not caught in this survival game. Enemies are everywhere. With a little neglect, you will not understand what happened. To increase the excitement for players, the publisher also added a safe zone that automatically shrinks after a certain time. This factor forces the player to focus on the safe zone and move around if he does not want to lose his life.


The Safe Zone Shifter is shrinking very fast, so it is better to move with the vehicle than jogging. However, players can be easily identified by enemies by the sound of the vehicle exiting. In particular, Omega Legends has a new system that lets you fly a vehicle called a jetpack. This tool allows players to move quickly from one place to another while minimizing noise.


There are six character classes in Omega Legends. Each of them has a fighting style and unique skills. This made the games more exciting and dramatic.

However, not all characters are free and available. Players have to pay them. Also, if you want to unlock some special characters, you need to access some requirements.


Sometimes players who fight alone will find it lonely and boring. For more fun, join two other players to help each other, or even plan to be the ultimate in survival.

Omega legends, on the other hand, have two types, including regular and special. Common conditions are survival, electricity, and mortality. It is widely available and can be found in every FPS and TPS game. Players can easily play without a series of complex instructions.

In special mode, gameplay and rules rarely change. You can learn while playing this game.


Omega legends create weapons in the style of science fiction. Therefore, the system featured in this game is also relatively new. Some special weapons such as UMP-45, Vector, P90, and bombs, knives, and bullets are made in a special style. Compared to other games of the same genre, Omega Legends is new and has more advanced fiction technology.


While Survival and PUBG Molebi's rules developed realistic graphics, omega legends evolved into science fiction. The only clue we see in movies about the future is confidently recreated in this game. It is also a unique attraction of omega legends. It gives players an understanding of innovation, interdisciplinary theater.

How to install Omega Legends APK + OBB

  • Download Omega Legends APK and OBB files on APKMODY.
  • Copy the file.
  • Copy the folder to the android / obb folder.
  • Find the APK file you just downloaded and install it as you normally would.

Download Omega Legends APK for Android (latest version)

Although the theme of the game is not very new in 2020, with the enthusiasm of the editor Scionian, Omega Legends still brings a lot of interest to it when you take part in the fight for survival on the island. Now you can download Omega Legends, join the fight, and show your courage!