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for Android
Updated On:
Mar 21, 2020
App By:
Electronic Arts
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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Download Now To get the most authentic racing experience on your phone you Need for Speed Most Wanted ​​(MOD Unlimited Money / Unlocked).


For those who love speed, driving an expensive high-speed super sports car on the highway is always a dream. However, not everyone can do this because driving really requires more specific requirements and conditions than only professional racing athletes can do. Therefore, racing games are developed to help players fulfill their passion for speed.

If you are a fan of racing games, then you know EA Games - a game developer known for a series of real developments. And recently EA Games released a new game called Need for Speed Most Wanted. If you take part in this game, players can go anywhere, explore the beautiful countries of Europe, meet friends, or annoy the police. Let your nitro burn, gas, and shake the streets!


Like other versions of the Need for Speed ​​series, the game has the same gameplay and design. The only thing that was presented in the independent game was the aggression with the police in one attack. By default, you will be found guilty of violating the laws of motion. From the beginning, you will see police vehicles constantly filling their squads for this endless search. At some point, helicopters appeared. You make your location available to the police, so you need to be vigilant and control the car more efficiently.


If there is no competition in the racing game, it will of course be boring. Need for Speed Most Wanted is running some races not only for you, but also for other anonymous drivers in the world. They will do their best to reach the finish line, aggressively and pushing you off the road. So if you want to keep someone behind, you are more active. If someone is trying to burn nitro to get past or hit the back of your car, don’t hesitate to take revenge.

In addition, the developer has added five opponents to the blacklist in this version. This is a list of the top drivers, your chances of winning the championship in the future. Defeat them and steal the car yourself.


For navigation, the EA integrates both screen and tilt interaction to control the car via a sports sensor. You can adjust it in the settings as desired. For me, I want to control the left / right arrow keys on the screen. The first reason is that it is very simple. I don’t need to keep the device in balance and I can experience the game even when it’s late. The second reason is that it is not very sensitive and does not require high precision.

Also, there are functions like speed increase, with the brake you have to touch the screen to the right or left. Even a child can easily master this operation.


Need for Speed Most Wanted offers 40 units of leading brands from around the world and a wide selection of cars with several models. However, most of them are not available. Players get a standard car that they can use for the first time. When the player wins the event, another car with gold is purchased or unlocked. Some are more specialized, limited, and more powerful than the cars you can buy in the garage.

Collisions with the cars of other participants during the race are inevitable. This will make your vehicle defective. Therefore, serve them regularly so that they perform at their best.


Players have never been given bad graphics by EA Sport. Need for Speed Most Wanted is one such product. Finding another game with a better rating is even more difficult. Although it is only a mobile version, it turned out to be a racing game on PC. As long as you have an Android device with enough resolution, it's easy to understand what I mean.

Mod version of the Need for Speed Most Wanted

MOD functions

  • Unlocked car
  • Unlimited gold coins

How to install MOD version

  • Step 1: Download APK and OBB
  • Step 2: Delete the file and copy the folder to the Android / obb device in the path.
  • Step 3: Install APK and you can experience this fascinating game!


Stunning gameplay, stunning graphics, realistic graphics, and the ability to handle great physical movements. After realizing the Need for Speed Most Wanted, I want to say a lot. This game is fun for everyone except for impressive racing cars. Now you Need for Speed Most Wanted to take part in the most exciting race