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Updated On:
Jun 12, 2020
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Outfit7 Limited
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
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My Talking Tom Friends (MOD Unlimited Money) can be downloaded from Android devices. This game will soon create a trend towards raising virtual pets and you will be the first to experience it.

Introduction of My Talking Tom Friends

Virtual pet games have long been popular. My Talking Angela and My Talking King Tom 2 Outfit 7 developers are in this category. To please his players, he added another version of My Talking King Tom Friends. Talking to Talking Kate now has new friends and you will work hard to take care of them!

The more pets, the more fun

Unlike previous solo pet games, My Talking Tom Friends have many pets, including Tom, Hank, Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. On a nice day, they decided to go to the same house for more entertainment. I think you will be happy if you play with your pet.


Caring for and playing with pets makes you feel like your time is running out. So if you take care of Tom with your friends, you will find it more difficult.

Pets have their own personalities and interests. Tom loves music and playing soccer. Angela loves to walk out of the park and play puzzles, while Hunk loves to play chess and washes out several times a day. Whenever someone wants something, he has a symbol on his head indicating a wish. Or sometimes there are boring expressions, they are in one place and complain.

Solve all these problems and show that you love them. Touch Hank and pull the screen to take him to the bathroom. Buy a guitar to satisfy Tom’s love of music or take Ginger to the garden to follow his father and become a talented farmer.

Sometimes pets are unhealthy and sick. Please visit a medical doctor to find a specific medicine. Watch promotional videos to get syringes, water bottles, massage hammers, or liquids that can remove any disease.

Pets are very naughty

Yes, they are very naughty. This not only reduces resistance but also makes it hungry and dirty. In this case, you can force them to sleep or throw them on the floor to punish them for not obeying.

But sometimes they also show their talent. On several occasions, I found out that Tom wanted to go to the kitchen and bake a cake. Meanwhile, Angela wants to plant trees in the garden in front of the house. She often fed water so it would grow very quickly.

Go to the store

There are so many interesting things in stock! Your pet is always hungry and can search for groceries such as cakes, fruits, and snacks when the fridge is empty. Hank, Angela, or Ben all have different tastes. You will not be happy if you are not allowed to eat your favorite food!

And yet it is a place to offer unique outfits with lots of styles. Examples are elegant suits and youthful outfits. Outfit 7 added My Talking Tom Friends to the rest of the Talking Store series of the Talking Tom series. This means there are more costumes and more interesting toys.

Decorate your home

Take note of the common place where everyone lives. All fields can be interchangeable. Furniture too. You can rearrange it at will, e.g. B. By placing the kitchen next to the room next to the bathroom or bedroom.

You should also buy more furniture and replace the old ones. Should the path from the house to the gate be provided with a wooden floor? The tub with the small swimming pool also went bad and should it be replaced by a larger one? It's your choice!

Little game

Mostly, your pet needs a mini-game. Tom wants to play skateboard, press the D-pad icon on his head, you control Tom skateboarding in the air. There are many obstacles and you have to avoid them so that Tom does not fall. Hank likes to play puzzles, you can play with it. Or Angela and other friends want to go for a walk in the park and take them with them. There are many interesting things for you in this game.

I like the gift opening game. There are five choices for each round. When I get the theme of the game, I get more bonuses. Puzzles are also a good idea. This is your chance to show the ability to see your ideas and organize them into a great product.

MOD version of My Talking Tom Friends

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.


My Talking Tom Friends is an interesting pet game where you can have more fun with Tom, Angela, Hank and her other friends. Live together under one roof, play together, and create an atmosphere of laughter together. You will quickly see that this game is a place to relieve everyday stress!