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App By:
0.80.2 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 14, 2023
191 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Role Playing

The game takes place in a future where humans are frowned upon, and robots are the norm. Sales of sexbots are rapidly outpacing those of other motor industries, including vehicles and military equipment.

There is a worldwide embargo on sex bots due to a conflict between China and the United States. Those who own them are scrambling to find ways to keep their robotic lovers running.

A black market quickly emerged to cater to the needs of those who wanted to keep their metal mistresses despite this ban. Incontinent Cell & Bening Bionist Coalition are two militias & terrorist groups advocating their use.

Anon is a young man living in a crowded ghetto. After losing your job, you are penniless and hopeless. A military truck rolls by and drops a mysterious cargo box out of desperation.

When you open it, you will find a beautiful and realistic sexbot inside. It's now up to you to decide what to do with her. Are you going to use her for your own purposes? Would you sell her on the black market to pay your rent? Or will you help the resistance by using her to spread information and rally other sexbot owners? The outcome of the game depends on your choices, so be wise!


There is a fascinating plot in this app. Throughout the game, you will play the role of Anon, a young man who lives in a crowded slum. With a life of poverty, it seems hopeless, but you accidentally pick up a box of goods dropped by an army truck. It has been a new chapter in your life since then.

It contains a beautiful sexbot that is 100% human-like. It makes you wonder how to handle it. You have many options to sell her for rent or use it for your personal needs. Your choices will result in different results, and the game will change accordingly. You will have a great time playing this game with its interesting gameplay and many ways to play.


The Android app is an adult visual novel with multiple routes and endings. The story is influenced by the choices the player makes. Ensure that your choices lead you to the ending you desire, as some choices may lock out certain routes.

Due to the game's open-ended nature, there are many ways to play, and the player must discover them all. Playing is an experiment, so have fun and experiment.


Animations that flow.

Many scenes in this game have beautiful, fluid animations. Playing this game feels more like watching a movie than playing a game because of the seamless transitions.

In-game editor that is dynamic.

In this game, you decide how the story unfolds. It is possible to make choices that affect the plot in the in-game editor. To make the game truly unique, you can also add images and videos.

Clothing that can be customized.

Dress up your bot with a variety of clothes included in the game. It is possible to change her clothes as often as you like and even buy new outfits for her. The shape, length, color, and style of the clothes are all customizable.

Provides survival elements.

In this game, resources are scarce in a dystopian future. In order for your bot to survive, you must collect items that are necessary for her survival. Additionally, you can trade or sell other items.

Creating realistic environments.

You can lie in bed, lounge around in your apartment, or walk around the city. You can explore different areas in the game, and each one has a realistic rendering.

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