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Feb 27, 2020
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Genius Studio
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My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is an interesting love story simulation game developed by APN Genius. She is a famous sports publisher who mimics Love Stories. Your choice influences the direction of the story. In other words, every choice will lead to the other end, and it all depends on you.

All genius games have anime-style graphics. If you are a fan of love movies or have no girlfriend, then you should not miss this game. This game will help you experience Love Stories, meet beautiful 2D girls and chat. Many interesting things are waiting to be discovered by you.


My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is romantic, but a little fantasy, unreal. Have you ever thought that a bite could be heard from the park on the way home? You carefully make strange noises and meet a wounded girl in front of you. With fear and anxiety you approach the girl carefully, she then grabs her hand and asks for a strange request: "Please give me some of your blood". Then you become unconscious.

At first glance, it looks like horror movies, but it's actually the main character's romantic love story. When you wake up, you're in bed, thinking that last night was just a dream. Everything changes when you see a girl named Alice eating donuts in the living room. Even though you are the person who is not cared for by a girl, there is a girl in your home. At the same time, two classmates, Merle and Seychelles - girls from the other world - were trying to get closer to you. Since then your life has become more interesting ...


The girl you met in the living room was Alice, a formidable dragon girl, hiding her shameful behavior and her harsh words. And the person you met that day. In order to gain power for his clan, he had to fight against the ruling gods of the demonic world. But he was wounded in the war and fell into the human world. He decides to stay with you the night after you save him. The most useful piece of information for you is that he loves donuts, as he is the first dish in the human dish to enjoy it.

Seychelles, your classmate. As usual, you are kidnapped in his world every day, but he is a left-handed dragon and decides to enter the human world and live like a normal girl.

After all, Merle is a sweet, clumsy and beloved dragon. She realizes that Alice has come into the human world and is out of the monster world to bring her back. Although both came from different worlds, she was a dragon who worshiped the God of peace. Therefore, do not hesitate to complete the task of returning to the human world to bring it back to Alice.

Choose your girlfriend

My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is a harem-anime genre (which many girls can enjoy at the same time). Three girls from another world are in love with you and are waiting to be with you. There is always an end to harem-style anime that will not be a male lead chosen by a female. But this game is not like that, you have to choose one of them to be your girlfriend. It's also the charm of a genius-driven game.

There are some players like Alice. Merle and Seychelles too. But when it ends with the beginning of a romance, surely not all players will be satisfied. So, between them, you can choose a girl that you feel and love as you love your soul.

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My kite friend has great anime-style graphics. 2d girls should be very beautiful and beautiful. If you just look at them, you can get a sense of their personality. Therefore, you want to understand and know their feelings after each appointment. Other than that, the girls also have beautiful voices.


Nowadays, humor anime is no stranger to you. I think you want to try the spirit of the main character, the feeling of being seen by so many beautiful girls at once. So, try out My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim. Now the game gives you a fun dating experience.