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May 12, 2020
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Murderous Pursuits APK is a very intense role-playing and action game. Previously, it was published on Windows. If you want to experience it, you have to buy it on Steam. But now you can download it for free on your Android device at APKModi!

Introduce the Murderous Pursuits


The story of Murderous Pursuits begins with an invitation from a mysterious man to attend a party on a British HMCS ship. But with the experience of an experienced murderer, your character realizes that this is not true, there is only one reason. The goal of man is to recruit the best killer as his assistant. So it is a bloody party when the killers have to hunt and kill each other to become the ultimate survivors. Are you waiting on the HMCS British ship?


When you take part in this game, you will play both a role as a hunter and prey. Your goal is to kill all the remaining 7 enemies to become the ultimate survivor. However, this is not as easy as all 7 mines are also experienced, killers. If you do not want to end the game prematurely, you need to be careful.

The bottom line is that you need to keep a keen eye. There were many assassins on HMCS Britannic. Your victim is one of them. If you point at targets, you can hit them with a fist symbol in the right corner of the screen. If you are wrong, you kill someone else. You will be punished before "Game Over" appears on the screen. Apart from that you also have to take care of the parents. If you want to kill someone, wait for them to go into a hidden corner, or seek protection.

The APK version of Murderous Pursuits for Android is very different from the original game on Windows. Especially when the complexity is reduced at the same time, you can focus only on one goal. The targets are then unlocked and the system notifies you using the navigation bar at the top of the screen.


Sometimes a predator can turn into prey. Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid the sight of other predators. Initially, the system outlined this and showed how to investigate if there was a threat nearby. Do you see the red skull symbol? That said, there is a killer nearby and he is ready to kill someone.

So always be careful and resist it with some of the skills that the game offers. First, use security places (so-called vignettes). They are indicated by an area that is rotated by dashed lines. Move inside, you'll pretend to be a normal NPC and hide in the crowd. If you can't identify the destination and need more time to prepare, Vignet is very useful.

There is also the ability to recognize beliefs. In this game, you will learn who is a common NPC, who is a hunter. However, this capability can be used every 40 seconds (depending on the number of remaining killers).

Finally, the exposed score bar. As you move forward, your position is constantly changing, moving left, right, or both. Each situation hints at the kind of person you can kill. At the same time, there is also the number of points you get for successfully hitting someone.


Murderous Pursuits have multiple characters that must be killed before entering the Death Party. They come in a variety of sizes and represent many parts of society in Victorian times. However, the killers are just ordinary people, they do not have a special ability to fight. Skills are provided and you can choose 2 of them that are right for your strategy.


In terms of graphics, Murderous Pursuits re-establish the culture of Queen Victoria's dominance. Costumes, music, and images look real on sharp 3D graphics. Sometimes you will be immersed in the party of the legendary HMCS Britannic without forgetting the real destination.

If you have ever seen Titanic (1997), you will see that there are many similarities between this film and the game. Not only because of the actual graphics but also because of the sound and context. They also happened during this time!

How to install Murderous Pursuits APK + OBB

  • First, you need to download the APK and OBB files using the link provided under the article. This is free.
  • Open the file "".
  • Copy the "com.netease.g105na" folder to the "Android / obb" folder.
  • Install the APK file.


There's a lot to expect in Netease's new game, though it's a simple game. However, without subtlety and the right moves, you will not be able to overcome the rest of the killers to become the X assassin the mysterious man is looking for! Download the Murderous Pursuits APK file now and see if you are fit for a killer job!