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Jun 24, 2020
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Lion Studios
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Mr. Ninja (MOD Unlimited Money) is a puzzle game with creative gameplay and offers you fun moments of fun.

Introduction to Mr. Ninja

Shortly after its release, Happy Glass received millions and millions of installations on Google Play. And call it Lion Studio. As a driving force for creativity, he started another game called Mr. Ninja. We will find out at the end of the article how to play!

Let the bad guys fight!

Japan uses Mr. Ninja when he is badly influenced by the illegal activities of gangsters. They often cause controversy and lead people into fear. As a glimmer of hope, you seem to be destroying these gangster costumes to free them, including murderers and ninjas.


To kill a ninja, you have to become a ninja. You only have one word. Your enemies are so good at a defense that you can't even touch their bodies. Because of this factor, you need to find other ways to be the ultimate in surviving a fight.

Can you see the forest? They can be easily sliced. If you let it fall or fall on the enemy, the enemy dies. What about the iron character? Your sword has no effect on this matter. In this case, you'll find bombs det and detonate them. The scope of explosives is very large. They are all in a dangerous position so you can eliminate the enemy. But sometimes it can also be hung and you need to cut the rope so that the bomb arrives at the desired location.

When you reach a higher level, you will have to face more difficulties for this time. Bad ninjas appear in situations that are difficult to kill, while wood and bombs are less common. Hostages also appear on some levels. You need to remember that your primary goal is to redeem them. If unfortunately, you are injured, you will have to play again at this level.

How can I be wonderful?

Every time you complete a level, Mr. Ninja rates the performance you achieve with a rating of one, two, or three stars. The higher the character rating, the faster the unlock process for the new character and you will receive more bonuses. Sometimes you find something special, a golden katana, a sword so strong that it can end the life of any ninja by cutting his sword.

But how do I get a high rating? It depends on when you use your sword and how you kill your enemies. If it works and the game thinks you deserve it, you'll get all three stars.

Become a master of darts

As a ninja, you must not only use the sword skillfully but also combine it with other weapons to survive in battle.

Allow Ninja Stars to enter the mode. Instead of using your sword to fight enemies, you will use arrows here. The controls are also quite simple: you touch the screen, then drag on the target, let's kill and kill all the enemies. At short distances, the arrow can bounce back if it comes in contact with a surface (floor or iron objects).

Unlock new skins

You can resize your character and weapons using skins. When you launch Mr. Ninja, you will basically receive Mr. Katana with Katana weapons including swords and iron arrows.

Skins will be unlocked during the fight. Some of them are free but compel you to watch promotional videos. After 10 levels I got Dr. Dr .. R. Hochet, Mr. Katana and Mr. Speedo met. They look very interesting in appearance and expression. As a set of weapons, I used my money to buy them in stores. It was a Rambo stick, similar to the magic wand associated with the golden star. The color effect felt very good when this weapon kills the enemy. The game also has a trident of the poisonous sting, Poseidon, or bloody hex.

MOD version of Mr. Ninja

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money: With MOD version you can buy and unlock skins for ninja. Money increases when you use it.


I have simple fun games like Mr. Games Ninja or Happy Glass. It relaxes people and makes boring moments more meaningful. If you are looking for something like this, Mr. Ninja would be the answer!