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for Android
Updated On:
Oct 13, 2020
App By:
Digital Native
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
Required Android:
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Overview information

NameMow Zombies
PublisherDigital Native
Version1.3.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduce about Mow Zombies

Currently, Mow Zombies is published free of charge on Google Play. However, for a better experience, you can also install the MOD APK version of the game on our website!

Initial structure

Like other Mow Zombies-themed games, Mao zombies open up a world of chaos as they are attacked by a strange virus. The virus turns people into hidden creatures and unconscious. They navigate very quickly by transmitting the disease to the victims.

You survived. Against fear, find a government weapon. The idea of ​​a journey to kill a corpse and find certain drugs suddenly pops up. Can you

The game

Mow Zombies bring very simple gameplay. New players can easily play this game.

First, the system gives instructions to the players. Players only need to control the character with a joystick while trying to knock down the zombies.

Difficulties in travel are constantly increasing. The corpse tightens and moves quickly. Players must skillfully avoid zombie attacks and try to win in limited time.

The time for each challenge of the mother's corpse is quite short, around one or two minutes. At each level, players must implement the objectives proposed by the system. Sometimes he just enables moves, saves survivors, or beats bosses.

Similarly, the context of each level also changed. Not only environmental factors, but you also need to consider the types of zombies. Zombies are very different from Mow Zombies. Not only do they know how to walk around and eat meat, but they also have special skills such as blasting, laser beam firing, or using weapons.

You need to be careful when fighting with the boss in the transition phase between stages. They are a really worrying threat. He has power struggle skills and a lot of damage. One trick to get rid of them quickly is that you need to use constant attacks so they don’t have a chance to strike back.


As you can see, this fierce fight is not exactly fair. So, if you want to win, you must be equipped with advanced weapons. Unfortunately, they are not available. You will need to collect gold coins to unlock them.

You will also need to collect gold coins to use during the upgrade process. After the upgrade, the weapons have a faster projectile speed while the fire increases significantly.

However, not all weapons can be upgraded from scratch. Some require that you qualify for a specific level of achievement. You can also collect weapons and supplies during combat. It is very useful for reducing energy and giving energy to the character soon.


In Mow Zombies, vehicles are one of the best tools you will need yourself. They take the form of giant robots or defensive machines. It helps you move faster.

Graphics and sound

Mow Zombies are built-in 3D graphics. But in my opinion, they don't really stand out compared to games of the same genre, even though the context and character are also carefully designed and a little new.

Live songs and tunes make the fight more exciting. However, the number of tunes and songs is not great. I hope the publisher updates it to the next version.

MOD APK version of Mow Zombies

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money: The game is fixed in infinite money.

How to get money from MOD version

  • You get a lot of money to kill zombies.

How To Install Mow Zombies MOD APK

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your device has uninstalled the original version (if you downloaded it from Google Play).
  • Download APK and OBB files of Move Zombies MOD version.
  • Open the file "Com".
  • Copy the "" folder to the "Android / obb" folder.
  • Install the APK file of the MOD version.

Mow Zombies MOD APK (Download Unlimited Money)

Mow Zombies is a really interesting zombie shooting game that you should not ignore in order to survive the last and save humanity from destruction. Download the game from the link under the article.