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Jun 09, 2020
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Unlimited Ammo
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Modern Warplanes (MOD Unlimited Ammo) is a very exciting fighting game with dice software. It's a new fighter game and the feeling that previous games didn't have the same theme. Intense graphics, huge battlefields, world-class battles and exciting episodes - this game promises you an unforgettable experience.

You will plunge into a whole new world of aircraft and, when you realize the horrors of air combat, ignore the trivial battles on the ground. Unlike the endless flight of comfort and gentle spirit on the plane, Modern Warplanes aircraft bring a sense of excitement in every action sequence with deadly actions. Stress does not make you uncomfortable, on the contrary, it makes you addicted. Now you are a pilot who loves nature. Now you are an air soldier who always wants to conquer and control the sky.

The brave air soldier

In addition to the usual simulation games, a Modern Warplanes is an ideal success for smart and courageous players, where you transform into a real airman. So you must be sure to control the aircraft or combat aircraft expertly. To protect your safety, do not exclude management in the most adverse situations. The battlefield is a major challenge in many harsh climates, such as fog, rain or thunderstorms.

But not only a talented pilot, but also a true air killer. The final battle in the air is always a challenge in which players need to flexibly defend themselves and defeat the enemy. It is only available to the brave and intelligent soldier. For some new players, Modern Warplanes aircraft can make things more difficult. Do not worry! If you practice hard in training mode, all problems will be solved.


In addition to training modes, Modern Warplanes also offers various modes with many challenges and very exciting. Of course, you have to be able to handle the aircraft well.

Once you need the Air Force, it's time to fight your way through the top-level battles of Modern Warplanes. Mode Nonlinear mode, where you have many solid levels against nonlinear players in PVP games. --Online - TDM is a team game mode with team combat and team spirit. And Survival Mode, the "battlefield of life and death." Only skill and courage can help you survive and become the top 1 shooter in the sky.

Upgrade plane

In each game mode, you will receive a reward. For most aircraft, there are gold and upgrades. A very valuable reward is definitely a great feeling when shooting an enemy aircraft. But gold coins will also benefit greatly.

With what you earn, you can equip yourself with advanced and powerful weapons. Interestingly, about 30 types of fighters are most realistically imitated, including Blackbird, Falcon, Boeing, or Nighthawk. With a range of other weapons such as rockets, machine guns or torches, you can effectively upgrade your aircraft in combat with special tasks.


For me, the graphics of Modern Warplanes are best in the game of aircraft. Everything is updated very carefully, from the smallest details like the weather to every detail of the game. This gives the players the most realistic and lively feeling. Every fight in the game is an exciting action movie, just like Hollywood.


Compared to previous flight simulation games such as Infinite Flight or Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3DModern Warplanes aircraft is a breakthrough that adds a new dimension to the Games Qtion games on smartphones. If you are a fan of planes and prefer to fly in the sky, this game is a great option for you.