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Feb 13, 2020
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God Mode, Antiban
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Modern Combat 5 (Mod God Mode, Antiban) is a very exciting shooting action game. The name should not be strange to you. Season 4 of the sequel is developed by the modern fighters, Gameloft. In the Modern Combat series, it is the best thing because it During the stay, but it's not just graphics, this game is an exciting shooting game where millions of players with a first-class are considered worldwide.

About Modern Combat 5 mode apk summary

Name - Modern Combat 5

Publisher - Gameloft

Genre - 3D, Online, Shooter

Latest Version - 4.1.2b

Size - 33M

MOD Features - God Mode, Antiban

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

Gameloft is a very popular game developer based in France. Gameloft founder is also Ubisoft founder Michael Guillemot. Gameloft currently has 21 development studios worldwide. He is a well-known publisher, especially racing and shooting. If things do not waste more time, now we go into detail especially such a large number of players in this game, it will be on display.


Gameloft is a series of interrelated stories in the modern combat series. Modern Combat 5 In the ongoing part of the story from the four ends, you will continue to chase and destroy the terrorist organization. Such action is also limited to you, because most of the main content of American action films film, but they have added a little creativity to make sure they are not extremely interesting boring.

Gameloft has a great battle with the terrorists in the experience system in various locations. For example, it led to a temple, an urban area, a military base, ... The game begins a seamless story of each battle that makes it interesting. In each area, you have 4-6 making tasks to unlock the next area.

Make sure you have something in common with the time shooter to start making credible checks. Familiar legends will be PUBG Mobile, the rules of survival ... It will not be time-consuming: a unique, burning like they played their last shooting games. On the left, jump jumps one bar to the right to move, change chestnut ... Button with the character joystick, and use some function keys to access other objects.

In online mode

A modern Combat Network 5 connection is required to establish a shooting game that you must be able to play. There are great things about this game. It allows you to interact with other players or with them in the world. You can also invite your friends to connect game, complete teams can create a warrior mission. And of course, the game is not just a campaign mode, but also a team game of single-mode flag, such as the Deathmatch, C4 experience, ... Not only is a group against Capture Squad also competing to take part in eSports players.

Some weapons and character classes

Coming from the game shooter first person, it is impossible not to mention the game weapon system. Modern Combat 5 huge arsenal boasts you experience. Beautiful and realistic weapons to unlock, you need to increase their level of performance, along with other players. The higher you get, the more weapons you can add and add to your collection.

In addition, the game also has a large character class system. The game contains 9 different character classes such as attack, albeit difficult, primitive, sniper, support, bounty hunter, soldier, X-1 and Kommander. And each character's class will also have a unique ability. To activate it, you need to use skill points.


Modern Combat 5 has extremely high 3D graphics. I can guarantee it's a black squad counter-strike just as bad as the shooter on the PC operating system: Global Offensive ... two major gameplay best parts and graphics compared to the previous parts of the modern combat series. The game is completely from the perspective that this is not the case, you can experience more authentic. The music makes for a great sound of a very lively character, a masterpiece you can miss.


Modern Combat 5 can't really depend on a shooting game. You haven't played before you should download it now. The plot, but only the graphics and music are flawless at every stage. The game is very easy for your mobile device, so simply click the article and download the link at the end of the need to determine that you still have a very exciting game.