Melancholianna Mod APK V1.0.23 APK

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App By:
1.0.23 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 10, 2023
792 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

Melancholianna Mod APK - The girl wakes up in a labyrinthine mansion and must escape.

Find and use items, solve puzzles, evade monsters, and escape the mansion in this side-view escape game made with RPG Maker MV.

Things will be done to her if she is caught...

Animation H scenes include tentacles, spiders, and monsters.

To ensure compatibility, please run the trial version before purchasing.

About Melancholianna Mod APK

With Melancholianna APK 1.0.23 for Android, fans of mobile RPGs can enjoy a game that's both engrossing and challenging. In order to find out what's going on, you will have to investigate many fronts.

Its compelling story, stunning graphics, and challenging gameplay make it a game everyone should experience at least once. However, it is not available on legitimate platforms like Google Play, and it is restricted to adults only.

It is difficult to find the game anywhere else, so the only way to obtain it is through unofficial sources, putting the device at risk. There are many reasons to be concerned about the security of your data, from viruses and other harmful software attacking your computer to your personal information becoming public knowledge.


Melancholianna is classified as a dark fantasy role-playing game. A role-playing game is shortened to "RPG," and this abbreviation refers to a particular category of video games. In a role-playing game, the player adopts the identity of an imaginary character and engages in activities inside a completely imaginary environment. This illustration of Melancholianna shows the main character with lustrous blonde hair

The player assumes the persona of the game's hero throughout the entire game. Role-playing games (RPGs) are an excellent example of an intriguing pastime. Only you can determine the depth of your moral character and convictions. Throughout the main character's story, you are in command. In every respect, your decision is also entirely up to you.

Features of Melancholianna Mod APK

With the Sight Map's unique function, you can quickly and easily locate the quickest escape route from any enclosed area. You can see lights, signs, and hidden passageways in the dark by adjusting the brightness and contrast, as well as visualise behaviours and track objects at night. This will allow you to put those skills to good use.

With the flexible control mechanism, you can customize the game's aesthetics and controls to suit your taste. If you enter the Settings Menu, you will be able to do this. You can change the simulation mode's language settings, UI skin colour, and simulation speed by changing these settings. Practicing evasion strategies before you put yourself in harm's way in the real world is a great idea.

Unlike the standard experience with software like this, which is typically found on Google Maps or similar apps, the Dark Lens View literally improves your ability to enhance various environmental details, including heat flares from buildings and paths leading away from open spaces.

Through Melan's extensive satellite image library, augmented reality tools are developed to facilitate safe and comfortable travel where global positioning system (GPS) signals are weak or absent. It's now possible to create augmented reality help for simple navigation in previously unknown areas.

By connecting to global hubs for crowdsourcing and cross-continental teamwork, the software stands out from the competition. With MCH Community's web-based version, people from all over the world can ensure no one gets completely disoriented ever again.

Characteristics of importance

  • Downloading it is free.
  • Free of charge
  • Joining is not necessary.
  • Films and series you won't want to miss
  • Performance that is outstanding
  • Intuitive and plain user interface.
  • Advertising will not be done.
  • There's a whole lot more

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