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Apr 26, 2020
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If DC Comics has DC Unchained and Injustice, Marvel’s answer would be with the Marvel Future Fight APK. This game is one of the best action superhero games for cell phones. See the name of the game. You can also guess that the content of the game is about the battles of the Marvel universe. The game, released by NetMarble Games, currently supports both iOS and Android operating systems and allows players to download and use it for free.

Marvel Future Fight story follows with fierce battles in the superhero world and will definitely make you crazy. If you’re a fan of superheroes, especially Marvel superheroes, you have no reason to leave the game.

Initial structure

The plot of Marvel Future Fight revolves around a battle between a hero and a villain. One day director Nick H.W. Wrath sends an emergency message to future superheroes about how the villain's team up to destroy Earth and take all the energy from the planet. Now the superheroes will have to find the rest and stand together to stop the victory to conquer the planet. Can you help them successfully accomplish this important goal?


Marvel Future Fight has a familiar role style that allows you to attack freely. Your task is to gather a group of three-headed superheroes, to join the fight to destroy the monster or the most terrifying villain. In DC Unlisted you also have three characters, but only one main character and the other two characters are automatically fighting for support. Instead, the special thing about Marvel Future Fight is that you can get your character back and control all the characters you have. The game has had amazing success in the role-playing series.

Marvel Future Fight will take you to the most terrible battle in the Marvel universe. Use Thor's hammer to destroy the enemy, not to shoot everyone with an iron fist or to smash enemies with Captain America's shield - whatever you can in this game.


You will meet hundreds of Marvel characters. Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevils or Spider-Man, ... In the front, there are also familiar faces with moni horns like Loki, Doctor Octopus, Ultron. Each character has their own abilities. In Marvel Future Fight, the characters have not only one passive move to gain power when needed, but also four active moves and the ultimate power. You can take ownership of the character by capturing or unlocking the store.

Marvel Future Fight offers you exciting game modes like multiplayer, real-time PVP, and PVE missions. By flipping into the PvE system, completing the game's mission will return the characters you like. Many challenging tasks will definitely satisfy the most demanding players. You also face other players from around the world through PVP. Use your special skills and tricks to defeat all opponents. Especially if you win a 3-star level, unlock automatic mode to continue and kill the boss you don't need to control.

Super impressive graphics

In terms of graphics, I'm sure Marvel Future Fight is one of the most impressive graphics games ever. The figure looks great if you stick to the original comic. The movement is very smooth and it gives the player a very real feeling. I like watching a Marvel movie. Also, the effect is very virtual magic, combined with the third angle makes the fight very nice. In particular, you'll return to familiar areas you've seen in commixes or movies.

To measure

And the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe is waiting for you. Get ready to take part in the battle of humanity. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms (APK), which you can download from the link below.