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Mar 25, 2020
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The latest version of Marvel Duel APK for Android is a card game in a new format with impressive graphics and gameplay. You do not want to miss this exciting strategy game!


As you know, Marvel has long been a big brand for comics and superhero movies. Not only do they win the hearts of filmmakers, they often work with developers to develop mobile games. Some games can be called the Marvel contest of Champions (with Kabam Inc.) and Marvel Future Fight (with NetMarble). This year, Marvel, in conjunction with NetEase, develops a highly exciting strategy game called Marvel Duel. Unlike its predecessors, Marvel's card strategy gameplay is more refreshing than duel roles. Your ability to develop strategies to combat evil monsters will be shown.


With an overview of the gameplay, you collect heroes in the Marvel universe and fight monsters in the galaxy. Marvel Duel is a card strategy game, so the gameplay is also popular and not difficult to access. They enter into a duel and use and connect cards to defeat them.

Every turn you have to summon a hero and use his ability to attack. Remember, superheroes have special powers, they can be strong or weak and their full power can only be used when used properly. You can only attack three enemies, so be more careful when choosing.

Superheroes appear last in every game. The ultimate goal is to beat him to win. With Marvel Duel, the player can make a direct attack while not controlling a character.

Card system

In a game like Marvel Duel, we have to do more cards. NetEase games were a bit ambitious, so almost all Marvel characters were involved in the game (more than 150 specials). They are perfectly designed with design and capability in mind. Iron Man will use the engine to harm his opponents, while Thor will use his magic hammer Muzolnir to summon and inflict heavy damage. Depending on the combination of cards and the monster you are facing, the attacks have different effects. To help players find the composition they want, there is a system with detailed instructions on how to connect the cards in the game. You can learn in the tutorials and go to the top players to find unique strategies.

However, at the beginning of the game you only have one card. If you win some battles, you can earn more through rewards or buy them in the store with bonuses. If you have more cards, you can optimize your strategy and increase your chances of winning the fight.

Upgrade for your heroes

Usually, card games don't have a lot of character adjustments, but Marvel Duel doesn't have that. You can change the look of Iron Man or Thor and other characters with new costumes in the store.

In a sense, it's similar to the character upgrade feature. Not only do they look unique, but they are also more beautiful, they also change their abilities and offensive skills. Thor's standard weapon is the Mjolnir, but when it changes to the skin, it uses a magical hammer made by neutrons, groats, and a constellation-shaped arm burned by Raja. Or, instead of a costume, Spider-Man can be outfitted with the latest suit given to Iron Man from Endless War.


Marvel Duel offers two adventure modes and PVP. After you complete the game overview, you can choose one of these options. Adventure mode lets you explore the entire universe with difficulty from AI. Go to one door, another door will open and you will face new dangers and challenges. In PVP mode, you can fight real players on a single server. The game currently has only one server, the 5001 Asgard.


Not only quality in terms of content and gameplay, but also Marvel brand games have never disappointed the players in terms of graphics. You can check it out again with Marvel Duel. Most card games do not focus on arena graphics, but, frankly, the battles in this game are mimicked by impressive films. When you perform an action that harms the enemy, the character breaks the card and flies towards the enemy to attack. This process produces beautiful lighting effects and sounds that describe violence.


Finding a card game with an elegant strategy game is not difficult, but finding an excitingly developed game like Marvel Duel is not easy. Download it, experience it, and try to find bugs that you are not happy with. I think it's a very difficult task!