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Apr 08, 2020
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Unlimited Coins
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Do you prefer to move something new into your life during a long and tedious vacation? So try to rob the bank in Lucky Looter (MOD Unlimited Coins), which is an interesting role-playing game by RadPirates.


Lucky Looter is a super exciting action role-playing game from publisher RadPirates. You may remember Johnny Trigger, the game we just updated. It's the same kind of action role-playing game, but Lucky Looter takes you into the life of a thief practice. Although the two games are not from the same publisher, they both mimic the lives of two identical character classes, Thief and Murderer. So if you have free time, try these two exciting games with Appstoreacess!

As everyone knows, stealing someone else's property is illegal. It’s not recommended, but does everyone know how difficult it is? Also, finding theft is not easy without it. If you are a thief, you not only need to be careless, you also need smart and sharp intellect. I do not encourage people to steal or become thieves. But why not try this fantastic game?


Lucky Looter has simple gameplay but it is an interesting combination of simulation-style and action role-playing elements. In the game you will play the role of a clever and intelligent thief. When it is the night the thief will enter the building and steal everything. The mission ends when he runs all the loot and returns to his car without a spot. However, things are not as simple as you think. Any area you are assigned to “steal” is under the supervision of aggressive police officers. If you don’t want to be arrested, you have to avoid their light.

The Lucky Lotter control system is very simple, although it is an RPG style. Players only need to touch and hold their finger to move the character. Let go of the character in your hand to disguise it as a paper box. This disguise saves the character from coming into contact with the police. The control system has been optimized to make the player feel most comfortable. The difficulty lies in the tactical element while the level quickly challenges the players. No thief is born, so be patient and have faith. One day you will become a super thief.

More than 100 levels

Lucky Lutter currently has 100 levels for fun. It's enough for you to get bored with this game. I hope you get bored after playing this game because if you are too deep to steal and are interested in stealing it is bad! Jokingly, I think you're interested in the challenging levels of Lucky Looter. Levels are very easy to advance, but leaving the screen with a maximum score (3 stars) is a real challenge. You have to steal everything in the room, then go in silence, and of course, you have to be done in a short time.

You can check the scoreboard to see progress in each of your levels. Even if you get 1 star, you can leave the level until you catch the cops and get back to your car safely. However, it does not bring many benefits, especially money, which is the most important thing for a thief. So definitely try to collect everything, especially the yellow items. It has great value. When you complete 3/3 Star (Perfect), you will receive maximum coins and multiple bonus coins.

Unlock new cars, clothes, and bags

With the coins, you get after completing each level you can unlock new clothes, bags, and cars. You can't usually buy in the store. You have to choose to buy and receive a random item. You can choose a style for your character, e.g. B. Swimwear, suits, and professional wear. And there are many different car models in the game that you should enjoy.

In Lucky Looters it should be noted that the goals are set not only in the room but also in some places like street, beach, red light crossing ... and at some level, there is a level of bonus. There you can collect lots of gold coins and especially gold keys. Collect all 3 gold keys so they can choose from random prices, including gold coins and premium wear.


It’s no surprise that Lucky Lutter is carefully crafted with beautiful 3D graphics. With a dark background, I'm afraid the game sounds scary to some players. But contrary to my concerns, there are no elements of horror in the game. In addition, the characters are very well adapted to funny actions. Therefore, the game is suitable for everyone. I think anyone who has played Lucky Looter loves it.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins: You get lots of coins to buy cars, bags, and interesting clothes for your thief.


The work experience of a thief is a new and interesting subject. In addition, the gameplay and story of Lucky Lutter lead players to simple and exciting experiences. Being a thief isn't easy, but it's interesting, isn't it?