Lovecraft Locker APK V1.2.11 APK

Lovecraft Locker APK V1.2.11 Download latest Version

App By:
Strange Girl
1.2.11 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 10, 2023
111.1 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

In-App, a simulation game, players take on the role of a bad god with tentacles. Your main job is to use your tentacles to flirt with and catch women. It lets you chase after pretty girls. You'll get a message on the right side of the screen whenever someone cums at the locker.

The graphics in the game are very nice. So you can have an enjoyable game in a nice environment. It also has some cool animations that make exploring fun. The game also easy for every player to complete tasks and missions because it is well thought out. You can move from one part of the game to another with a simple flick of your fingers.

The game's gameplay is also very good. Players are given missions, which they must finish to move on to the next chapter. So you can move from one part of the game to another until you reach the end. The flexible storyline is another interesting thing about this book. Even though you have to follow the game's storyline, you can still choose where the story goes in the end by making your own decisions.

The app was just made, and since then, it has become very popular. The game can be played on Android devices with an OS of 5.0 or higher. It doesn't take up much space because the graphics aren't very good, so you can install it even if you don't have much space. Also, the Mod version gives you unlimited money and all features unlocked for free, so you won't have to pay anything.


The game is easy to understand and easy to play. Your only goal is to get pretty women interested in your tentacle lockers. As you move up in levels, you get more ability points that you can use to buy more lockers.

At the start of the game, all of the lockers are empty, so you'll need to buy more lockers to keep the hall busy and full. If you are caught kidnapping girls, the school will tell the police, and you will lose points. With the control buttons, you can easily switch between the different parts of the game. You can buy a new locker, get a new girl, and do other things by clicking on different parts of the screen.


The game is a great deal for anyone who wants a fun game to spend time with. Even though there isn't much interaction with the game elements, there are still some great things you should check out.

Graphics: App graphics are simple but beautiful. The experience of playing the game is more important than how it looks, so a lot of work went into making it as interesting as possible. It has good animation in its 2D graphics interface, so it is a good game. This simulation of an android also has a nice range of colors, so when you play, you'll be able to see all of them. You'll also notice small details in the background, which makes it look more real.

Upgrades: Here, players will be able to change between more than one item. Like most simulation games, it has an upgrade system that keeps players coming back for more. So, the more you play, the easier it is to get better features in the game. For example, at the beginning of the game, there are empty lockers in the hall. But as you play more, you'll earn more money and be able to buy more lockers.

Game Controls: This place's control system is easy to use. This is not an action game, so the screen won't be hard to understand and full of confusing buttons. Instead, you can just click on the screen to go to any part of the game you want to check out. On the screen, you can see information about the game store, your level, upgrades, and other things. So, all you have to do is press the button you want on this home screen.

Free: You don't have to pay to get into the game or use its features. So, you don't have to pay for premium access to use all the game's features. But unless you're using a paid feature, you'll have to see ads from time to time. Aside from this, the game is free to play, and you don't have to pay to move from one level to the next or buy upgrades.

Easy to Play: App is even easier to play than most simulation games. The game is a simulation where you can run a business in a school setting. That's how the game works, so how quickly you grow your business depends on you. That's how hard the game is.

Game Levels: Here, there are different game levels that you can unlock one at a time. The game starts on Level 1, and you have to move up levels by taking care of all the lockers' needs. You will also have to figure out how to buy more lockers to help the business grow.


This is a fun game for people who like simple simulation games with interesting ideas. It's a great choice if you like anime games, online dating games, or idle games because it has simple graphics, a lot of game items, and a simple game style.

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