Lost Life APK

Lost Life APK 1.52 Download for Android

App By:
Shikstoo Games
1.52 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 13, 2023
164.3 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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Lost Life APK is an adventure horror game available for Android devices. This app is designed to condense the entire dreadful experience into one. This will allow one to enjoy a thrilling experience with friends.

The Lost Life Game puts you in the position of a spooked person. When we are emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed, we do not perform at our best. You are the one whose actions and choices matter most to others. Is there a way to cope with fright and overcome it so your family can be saved?

You can test yourself by installing the latest version of the gaming app. Take a look at Lost Life without any restrictions or permissions. There is nothing more emotional than the start of the game.

There is something emotional and fearful about this beautiful girl. The gamer will play the role of saviour and save the girl’s life in Lost Life Mod APK. There are many mysteries in the lost life walkthrough. There is also a lot of complexity involved in understanding the scenario.

If you want to experience an unnerving anxiety horror game in your career. You should give this game a try. Tests your ability to cope with unsettling situations by putting you through a new situation. This challenges your ability to cope with such situations.

It's an interactive novel where you can select between different scenarios as you progress through the episode. You will experience different outcomes based on the path you choose. Therefore, you should be patient, thoughtful, and wise about your next steps.

The Lost Life APK provides endless resources and points. A puzzle game can provide gamers with a thrilling experience. However, we recommend horror game lovers to use the unlimited money to unlock the game's sensation chapters.

There are plenty of other key characters and components to unlock. These pro components will be available in the new version for free to horror game lovers. A free version of the game enhances sensations if you are willing to play it.

Features of Lost Life APK

The Lost Life game was developed by Shikstoo Games. The game is a dating simulation and horror game at the same time. The following are some of the most interesting features of Lost Life APK:

HD graphics

This game's 3D, high-definition graphics add to the realism of the gameplay. To have better visuals, you can alter the resolution of Lost Life Apk in the options.

Storyline: Dark

The background of the plot is laced with terror. The girl is possessed by ghosts that follow the main character around. At first glance, it is clear that she is a young woman who attends school and lives with a man. He promised to take care of all of her requirements, including her food and clothing. However, as the game goes on, you'll get a sense of dread thanks to the eerie images and authentic background sound effects.

Simple game play

There are no buttons in-game to improve your view. Click anywhere on the screen to perform any household task, and a long selection of options will appear for you to choose from.

Authentic Audio

According on the game's scenarios, the BGM and background sound effects change. The sound effects accurately resemble actual human voices and the suburban landscape in the backdrop.

Buy gifts

You might purchase the female presents like clothing and food to make an impression. In this game, dolls and other accessories are also available for purchase.

Take game notes

In Lost Life Apk, you can record your gameplay. For a recording of your game screen, go to settings and select recording. The keys, symbols, and health bar are not visible while you record the game. 

The size and game screen

You can switch the game's view from horizontal to vertical, depending on your preferred playing style. Additionally, the screen size can be altered from full screen to various aspect ratios.


Lost Life APK is a simulation game. This game has a dark and horror storyline that is quite difficult to play for immature gamers. You should only install this game on your device if you are 18+ due to its explicit graphics. The storyline is a combination of horror, romance, and adventure. It is easy to understand the gameplay. The graphics quality of the game can also be changed from the settings to get a more realistic view. Lost Life APK is a game that tells a horror and dark story about an innocent school girl.

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