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Updated On:
Jul 03, 2020
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Tactile Games
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Unlimited Coins/Lives
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Lily’s Garden MOD APK Edition (Unlimited Coins/Life) gives you a better experience. Difficult tasks brought very few coins, right? Forget it, because now you can buy a lot of new things to help Lily decorate the villa!

Introduction to Lily’s Garden

Match 3 puzzle games have become popular lately, although I don't know if this popularity started with the Diamond Diary Saga or the Candy Crush Saga. Based on these initial ideas, the developers have demonstrated their creativity by adding new elements to attract players. Lily's Garden is a demonstration, it has action and gameplay takes place in open, structured action.

Initial structure

Puzzle, jigsaw, object budget linkage, and villa maintenance - this fun puzzle game will fascinate you with both the gameplay and the story behind it. Lily is an unhappy young girl. She faced many disasters after being separated from her boyfriend. When her great-aunt died, she was devastated, even though she had inherited her large villa and garden. However, the aunt gave him an important condition, he cleared the space within a month. Otherwise, the will be invalid. And this is a real race, Lily needs your help.


To make the villa clean and tidy, Lily has to do a lot of work, which is shown by the classic puzzles. Combine two or more of the same color to free from the board, leaving the dew, dandelion, and seed bags at the end of the grid. Two planes and scrapers allow you to remove unusual stones and related rows or columns, while large clusters make missiles and bombs that, when attached, can explode. Once you have planted enough flowers and cleared the debris, you can make a personal impression by choosing between three possible hives, designing a fountain, and choosing a new bee for the bee. To be able to

This way, the script continues and will work outside the green gate, from the main patio, from the garden, and from the inside. Everything is slowly being repaired and updated, more items are unlocked, but this significantly increases the level of difficulty.

Do you see that In each mission, the targets become denser and the speed (movement) decreases? Stones of the same color look discreet and distant, and you have to take calculated steps to merge them. But don't worry, everything is a solution. Lily's Garden will also unlock future relief items to help you!

Garden decoration

From a different perspective, you will see that Lily’s Garden is like a design game that decorates the castle with the goal gone for its aunt Lily. You have the opportunity to redesign the architecture with small items such as Mailbox garden chairs, fountains with flower pots, interior furniture, or even a flower garden. Even against the hand! Tactile games bring many things into the game. Your job is just to organize and display them!

What's new in Lily’s Garden APK?

Lily's Garden has recently been updated to improve performance, and some small insect players have commented in reviews.

However, what is really clear here is that a search chain has been added. You have the opportunity to discover new things right in the vast space that Lily's aunt never revealed. An abandoned aircraft is behind the factory. It is no longer used, leaving the secrets behind and forgotten. Please clarify these points and get a generous price!

MOD version of Lily’s Garden

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins/Life: Coins allow you to buy items, unlock furniture, and accessories. You can also play with Infinite Life as long as you want.


Meanwhile, Lily's own story has long been a novel of romance. but could Frank's neighbor Luke be the answer to his problems? Roll up your sleeves, solve this puzzle, and see the seeds of love bloom in the Lily’s Garden!