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Updated On:
May 08, 2020
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JE Software AB
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Unlimited Money
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You can use gems and coins to buy and upgrade powerful weapons. The fight against zombies continues. Join the game to continue the journey and win a peaceful life for the world.

Introduction Last Hope Sniper

Last Hope Sniper is a first-person shooter game published by JE Software AB. As the title suggests, it's a zombie-themed FPS. The plot behind it tells the time after the Apocalypse, in which zombies fill everywhere. You will become an important factor in this epidemic, take part in the game, and start the campaign immediately!


In the last two episodes of the Last Hope series, JES Software Software ABA has shown a simple action, but it's not really clear. The Last Hope Sniper was probably built in more detail. Background ar also occurs when there is a zombie epidemic in the world. It spreads everywhere, destroying cities, and endangering people. Most military bases have been destroyed and more and more zombies are visible. There is a warrior who is still fighting hard and hoping to find the source of the epidemic. But this path does not seem easy. He needs your help!


Unlike Sniper 3D, the questline in Last Hope Sniper is more difficult. Now the target is not just one or two people, but an army of corpses. They are very crowded and aggressive. If you don't kill them, they will come to you and eat you! This element creates play, more action than the sniper shooting game.

If you do not stop there, the game will also be delivered through your coordination with other teammates. They feel very weak and need support. If you cannot protect them, the mission will not succeed.

So, you need a smart strategy to get a quick profit. Can you see the fuel tank on the battlefield? If you promote friction to generate heat, it will burn and explode! The fountains of water next to the corpse eat the corpse. You fire lightning that will kill them all! Is it "to kill two birds with one stone"?

The whole point is that not all the difficult challenges you face. Some of the fronts, there are epic bosses. They have big, strong and very good stamina. If you can’t kill them, it will destroy all the efforts of you and your allies and bring people to the brink of extinction. But you can kill them with powerful weapons and skills. We will explore these things!

Buy and upgrade your weapons

Snipers are powerful, but they are really only suitable for a series of missions. If you and your comrades are preparing, if you do not have the right places, including a large number of zombies, you have to run to the battlefield. I think rifles and machine guns are a better choice. You're flexible because the character can hold and move. In addition, it has a fast reload speed with multiple ammunition cartridges.

When you go to the store you can see that there is a large arsenal full of samples and areas. It has received functions like bullet speed, damage level, reload speed, and clip size. The higher these properties, the greater their effect. You can upgrade with parts like body D, part, muzzle brake, magazine, and riflescope.

MOD APK version of Last Hope Sniper

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money: Coins and gems are turned into unlimited. You can use it to buy weapons in stores. You can use the money in the first tier of the upgrade. However, later on, the upgrade process will require other types of content. Use gems to buy meta crate barrels and get the necessary materials.

If you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes get shock ammunition. These bullets penetrate electrical water sources to kill the carcass faster and more effectively. In addition, money can be used to unlock character skills. If he had more fighting and shooting techniques he would be able to continue this difficult task in order!

Should you use the Last Hope Sniper MOD APK version?

As you can see, money can be used to do many useful things. This includes the ability to improve weapons and skills for the character. You don't have to struggle to make money, and instead, for less profit, watch annoying videos in the game, because the MOD APK version of Last Hope Sniper we provide has a lot of money.


Last Hope Sniper is one of the most exciting FPS games for mobile phones you have ever known. Do not miss the dramatic battle with zombies. Please show the bravery of an experienced sniper in this game.