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Jul 03, 2020
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Knighthood Mod APK for Android is an excellent role-playing game on Google Play for Warriors and Adventure Warriors. Download this game and MOD version from the link below this article.

Introduction about Knighthood

When you mention King, you might think of the world’s most popular puzzle series, Candy Crush Saga. Have you ever wondered what an immersion game developed by King would be? I don't really know. I downloaded this game and experienced it for the first time. I just thought King really knows he can surprise his players. It is based on all three aspects including graphics, storyline, and gameplay. In particular, follow the front of the article for more information.

Initial structure

Astellan is a peaceful country that was once protected by the Range Knight. But, shortly after Lord Carnan was locked up in a dungeon thousands of years later, he destroyed the lives of the people here and corrupted the guards.


In this exciting turn-based action-adventure game, the powerful Gallet hero saves his kingdom from chaos. So, your first responsibility is to be an honest rage to prove that you can take responsibility. Choose and select weapons to prepare for this task.

You will fight in the plains, villages, and temples, you will also encounter goblins, wolves, and bears. And you have to face the dead warriors and some things just before you leave your hometown Astellan.

After launching enough attacks, you can summon a pair of heroes to ask for help for your own specialty. If you wait until your aggression is maximized, they can become difficult to attack. For example, a skilled archer will burn a group of enemies with the ability to rain ash and reduce their vitality in 3 rounds. Grimm's needle can free enemies on the spot. Or more simply, you just have to rely on the incredible power of the Wild Hulmer staff. Such action will happen throughout history. Difficulties will gradually increase and you will need to find a way to increase your strength to meet the challenges. If you sometimes need someone’s help, remember that you still have Mr. Draxon, your master and your guide from the first scenes


The card is designed like a puzzle in Candy Crush Saga. You must defeat each enemy group to unlock for the next part of the journey. The first part is with the introduction of Range Knight with the help of Mr. Draxon. In front of us is Seacroft, which provides the necessary equipment for endless travel.


Each hero and a certain type of weapon works against the enemy. Therefore, each battle becomes a strategic battle. Do you want to remove a fallen zombie or remove the enemy's defensive shield so that he cannot escape your next attack? Will you find the last mate chain to increase the damage or to call mate for treatment? Gorgeous cartoon pictures will take you into a vibrant world full of characters and interesting slow-motion scenes to make your attack more exciting.


It is an essential element of any role play. And Knighthood is no exception. You can upgrade your devices to make your hero stronger. As the monsters become more aggressive and powerful, you also need to develop your ability not to be defeated on the battlefield. Currently there are some parts of the heroes that include body, arms, hands, cloak, shoulder armor, legs, and gloves that can be modified. In the first level you only need gold coins. From a certain complex level, you have to use the Ruby Advance currency to upgrade.


There are two things to say about Knighthood's graphics. First, they are designed to optimize the profile and work easily on many devices, including low profile phones. The graphics technique used by King in his games is very consistent, the actions and effects work well. Second, animated design with beautiful graphics, bright colors. If I can grade, I give a maximum of 5/5 points.

MOD version of Knighthood

  • Coming soon.


In addition to hunting missions, joining other players in the arena, and commanding the clan, Knighthood is a memory adventure that should not be missed. Please download the game using the link below this article.