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May 22, 2020
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Ironhide Game Studio
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Unlimited Money
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Kingdom Rush first appears on the game site due to its strategic gameplay, as well as richness and leaves a lot of accidental success. This unique move allows players to be creative. Once you've updated the Ironhide Studio 4 Kingdom Rush clear a series of play has changed. Release with strategy, graphics, and graphics. Kingdom Rush Origins (Mod Unlimited Money) Kingdom Rush, third part border. There is an Untold Story before events and the first game (Kingdom Rush).

Summary about Kingdom Rush Origins MOD APK

Name - Kingdom Rush Origins

Publisher - Ironhide Game Studio

Genre - 2D, Offline, Tower Defense

Latest Version - 4.1.06

Size - 184M

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android

Get over it


There are also many differences, Kingdom Rush Origins players do not live in the castle with defenses on defensive towers in strategic places. Use unique abilities to improve your tower and more powerful units with gold. The game will have four main towers: Archer with very good attack speed and range. 3 types of trains barracks soldiers, they become a shield to stop the enemy of the team. Mage towers can spell your magic and penetrate potential enemies. Big Circle Stone Circle Effect Related To Destroy Many Weak Enemies At Once.

In addition, you also have 2 free skills and the heroes have the skills you use. 2 skills if you enter the game again and hurricanes. You and the enemy have the right to demand to fight "gain" with a small number of soldiers armed with powerful weapons. Call "thunder ", lightning powerful waves, with the loss of several enemies in a row area. Both are free, but with skill, long decay time so you need to know when to use them properly.


The original 15 main levels can defeat the Kingdom Rush, and in level 15, you must understand the noble quest good game. Each level has three modes. Position 1 default mode, follow-up property and not much has changed. Mode 2 vs 3 Challenge mode, which is more difficult for those who like challenges.

The non-system level is one thing that I allow players like "Thug". You can have your golden stars, but the defensive upgrade tower, will not be used at this level if you do not reach the required level. For example, when you play Level 4 to unlock mysterious shooters. Although you reach the owner of the tower, you can use it until you level 4 to make the game a little more balanced and prevent the game from ending very quickly.


UK Shop Original Rush gives us heroes and power-ups. Other than the 5 basic heroes, you can make money with different stats, skills, negotiations, buy other heroes. But in my personal opinion, the hero is strong, and a standard hero can be useful if used. If you want to buy a new hero, you should.

In terms of game power-ups, you 6. Do you have a total of shopping diamonds? You can gather about the quest. After each level, you are given a hero. Strong monsters have the opportunity to bite the diamond (Monster Elite). I will continue on this power-up analysis:

  • Eline Anger: Green to create an energy wave when the card is used to deal with the enormous damage of all enemies. Useful if you went to a group of demons to get to the monster that you can not do it alone.
  • Dragon Fire Road: A fortified tower, which threw a fireball at the enemy, in fact, handling a set of damage. It can make enemies to target the air.
  • The horn of valor: a small sphere of influence. If used, all soldiers and buildings affected in this area, and your army is immune to double damage. Very good mix when it comes to the hero barracks and its territory base troops.
  • Teleport scroll: Select a small area, and after a while, enemies teleport a short distance. When useful strong monsters invade your home. It's been put in longer.
  • Magic Hand: If used, you will have 15 seconds to collect double gold of diamonds. Very angry Elynie gold you collect too big and the enemy is chained with blowing away completely.
  • Timewarp Gem: Teleportation scroll, but like to work for the entire map.


Don't get me wrong! I'm not talking Wikipedia. Kingdom Rush Origins is a book Encyclopedia, which contains all the information about the hero, monster, magic, and well-planned video Kingdom Rush homeland. Starch is meant to be very useful in viewing and analyzing the vulnerabilities of individual units as well. You know, appoint more choices to choose with the worst enemies home-type construction towers ... you can totally recommend this book. This game is because I'm a big plus almost never see the same system in other games.

Some tips

Although my article said about 40% of the game information, I remove or swap tips in this game, so it is easy to defeat enemies and bosses:

  • Usually, the Archer unit performs the most damage, as well as having a constant amount of DPS throughout the game, being able to make it closer to a point in the line in front of the house where the visible enemy is my priority.
  • Very slow capacity but shoots improve penetration armor Mage tower slowly and later, Dana can be very strong. I keep them behind Archer but before Barack.
  • Barracks have a defensive unit. There are only three people, but the dying end catches the attack monster elite can be very good too. Normally, I'm going to tower back at the archers and mages enemies near the center of the tower.
  • Stone Circle was moderately damaged, but the damage has a good spread, it makes sense to kill several weak monsters simultaneously. I recommend building the barracks at home or for the next Dana. Spelling with normal Mage Barracks can deal with great damage, multiple enemies.
  • Use tools for the skills they use as often as possible. Especially strong is in the early stages to fight the monsters.
  • The final stage held can still be used, even dead. Utility.


Kingdom Rush is an excellent game of original Ironhide. The plot kingdom is rushing to the predecessor but let's not get old in the game. Vivid graphics, new dialogue, new skills, and deep plot contributed to the grandeur of the Kingdom and feel the rush universe. If you love tower defense games, this is a game that can ignore you.