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Jun 25, 2020
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X.D. Network
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Unlimited Money
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Have you ever thought that one day people will no longer be at the top of the food chain, but will become plants? A war will break out between humans and trees for the top of the food chain. If you find this issue interesting, join the Juicy Realm, X.D. Network.


In the future, the order of all living things will be broken. Plants have become the leading species in the food chain. Initially, people didn't care, and it was only when the plants began to bring organs and awareness that people realized that their condition was in danger. As one of the first people to realize that the plant state is growing and getting out of control, you have a very important task to penetrate and prevent the cave of these threats.


It can be seen that Juicy Realm is a game that combines action, adventure with dual shooting scenes. The perspective of multiple characters allows players to experience the journey of history. It’s everyone’s own skills and presence.

The player's task is quite simple. You have to defeat all the enemies of each level to open the door of the second field. One of the special things I really like about the humorous realm is that with each character and difficulty level, the experience renews. So you can't play a level as often as other RPGs (because of this factor, it's considered difficult to cross the Juicy Realm). Experience has shown that if you want to make your journey a little easier, you should choose bersers (to create an HP recovery ring).

In addition, the Juicy Realm has a fast sliding mechanism for the use of electric poles in space. However, this method is not really useful because the recovery time between fast slides is too long. You can increase the performance bar by simply collecting batteries. This means that the character can only slip into a fight once or twice.

The other thing is that this game does not allow you to react on the spot. If you lose, no matter where you are, you will be sent to the camp from the beginning. Maybe the developer’s intent is to increase the challenge, but many players complain that the feature makes them angry because they have to play again. This increases the difficulty of the game and "disappoints" many players. Stuck in one place for too long is also a problem that many players don’t like.

Make sure you not only attack, but also defend and area your base. If you find it very difficult to face the dungeon and do not fight alone, you can team up with other players to increase your chances of winning.


Juicy Realm weapon collection is a little strange. If your character has attacked, choose weapons like shotguns, submachine guns, and some other types. And if you like melee combat, you have "fantastic" options such as a wrench, a lightsaber, a fantastic toy with the image of a pan or roster in a pub. In particular, these weapons look awkward and are associated with different types of ammunition, therapeutic items, strength-enhancing drugs, and so on. If you say victory is mostly luck, this is not wrong.

There is a limit to your bag, so before throwing something away you should carefully consider replacing it with something else as there is no guarantee that you will get a better item.

About Juicy Realm MOD APK

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money: Use the money available to upgrade and purchase your favorite weapons in this game. If you have a character and a weapon that is powerful, you will easily reach difficult levels.

How to install Juicy Realm MOD APK + OBB

  • Download the Juicy Realm apk and OBB files using the link below the article. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK file (chargeable).
  • Open the file "net.spec.njusier.android.zip".
  • Copy "Net. Specific.Juessual.Android" to the folder "Android / OBB".
  • Install the APK file.


Although there are still a few flaws, Juicy Realm is usually characterized by a beautiful, varied graphics style and simple but challenging gameplay. This would definitely be a good game to relax after stressful work hours. Download this game and experience it now!