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Jun 25, 2020
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Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
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Johnny Trigger publisher SayGames (MoD is a fun role-playing shooter game with unlimited money, open to all). Publishing House was known to eliminate fun entertainment games such as proper disc clean-road or railway cars ...

Summary about Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Name - Johnny Trigger

Publisher - SayGames

Genre - 3D, Action, Offline

Latest Version - 1.4.2

Size - 38M

MOD Features - Unlimited Money, Unlocked All

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

I recently introduced a killer role-playing game that has been loved by many, hunter-gatherers. It is important to bring excitement to the role-playing players if they do not understand the difficult flash enemies overcome. Especially suitable for these simple games, moments of relaxation and light entertainment. And to add that the fun of downtime is no longer boring, I will present you with a game: Harry Catalyst.

Johnny trigger will, you are a murderous spy, let alone the criminals. Everything and took the gun. And the formula only has its own features for the game and its affiliates because Less Talk and More Tablets!

Agent Johnny

Johnny Trigger plays Johnny, the main funny guy, and he's also a clever killer. This man, while he is reckless and brave, intended to break the den of criminals with the underworld for the rule. Of course, everyone knows the underworld rules: someone, only strong and weak, is always right or wrong is a loser. Therefore, your mission is to help the clumsy detective to kill all the notorious terrorists. With Parker to fly the gun with his favorite ability to gun, you definitely want to help him in the first session.


Game tasks include at least several levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has enemies in different places. The player knows this task before they quickly defeat the enemy, and you are behind to shoot. They are quite difficult opponents who cannot be defeated by falling into a racket. In addition, the number of enemies Dodge bullets technology allows the player to require is quite large and very quickly their rate of fire. And this method is against every one of the tough and strong owners, especially by every 10 levels. It's a great challenge!

Although it is difficult, as the aforementioned, their killer Filling character jumps and flying terrible Parkour ability. Therefore, you can easily control, avoid balls and the character of the defense. Especially with the slow shooting style, you can clearly see the battle situation. This is quite a rare thing such a high-speed game requires. Funny, but no less subtle.

Win all the enemies

Johnny Trigger's action is quite vigorous and difficult. It's difficult to control the way and get used to it to fight it quickly. The enemy is the same and it is not too hard to deal with. If the enemy is the only one, he is a dangerous boss. Typically, in some of the levels, but also to defeat the enemy, you need to safely hostage. Of course, hostages should do something by setting the enemy "shield" so that they do not hurt. Otherwise, you will lose.

In some cases, a lot of tips will help to win. You will find gas in the game screen tanks. Shoot together to activate the barrel explosion, destroying so many goals. And watch out for common enemies. If you miss them, they will shoot immediately. So I think the fire is the right time. You should know about guns or pistols or more different types of SMG pistols. In each case, you should have different effects on the ground reasonably.

Two open to all

After completing each step, you will unlock new levels. In addition, you also get gold coins. The money used to buy weapons is extremely important. There are many types of machine guns in your business to choose from. Gun, cheap, single-target damage; Or the SMG doing gunfire caused significant damage due to several bullets and. A pistol with extra super pistols, very heavy damage can quickly tear off the target. But it was very expensive, so it was great to fight the boss.

In addition to weapons, you can change the appearance of the characters with different costumes. Many organizations, depending on the style. Maybe cool or funny, cute. But no matter what style you choose enemy camp, cold-blooded killer goes!

Disclosure: You've got the MOD version to unlock all the costumes, weapons ...


Johnny Trigger is a simple game. And of course, your graphics are simple and easy. But just because it's bad, it doesn't. On the contrary, it reduces panic in ease, humor and brings the murder step. But there are now bloody scenes in which to recover lost. The only thing players bring to light is light enjoyment.


In short, Johnny Trigger is a simple and light show. If you try to enter the underworld or have a famous mafia boss, that's not a bad option. And just a little conversation and shooting like the game motto will start immediately!