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for Android
Updated On:
May 10, 2020
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Lion Studios
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
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The city's hottest nightclubs have begun to open, but not everyone can get inside. Please come to ID Please - Club Simulation (MOD Unlimited Money). You will become a serious security guard for your bar to function properly.

Please enter ID Club Simulation

Although published by Lion Studios, it has caught the attention of players through ID Please - Club Simulation. It's a game of this genre, based on the city's nightclub, a meeting place for young people (and of course not for children). Despite the extremely simple game mode, the game still has many players thanks to its addictive charm and extremely stress-relieving ability. Therefore, it has been introduced on many popular platforms like iOS, Android, and PC.


If you have simple gameplay, you can quickly understand the pace of the game, even if this is your first experience. You will play as a guard at the door of the club with the sole task and check your guests according to the rules of the club. Many disgruntled guests will try to find a way to comfortably enter the club, and your task is to prevent it. Before you allow anyone to enter the club, you should ask that guest to present their ID so that it is valid for the rule of the club.

Every day you get 3 invitations from a well-known nightclub, which can include working hours and pay. Players choose where they want to pay the highest price for the job (you usually need to look at the ad to get the job with the highest salary). You have to work 7 days a day, 3 shifts. For each inning, the club gives you a different rule that you must follow. For example, in the first few days the club should only have guests over the age of 21, but in the following day's special requirements apply, e.g. B. Guests are dressed in red or not drunk.

Don't let yourself be distracted

As a nightclub security officer, you always meet very naughty guests. You are willing to do anything to get in front of you. You can create an ID card or even use it to bribe money. Please, keep a cool head to remove all the temptations and at the same time be sensitive to properly identify all the cheaters. And of course, you often have to meet angry guests who are willing to fight with everyone. Your job is to prevent this contradiction to make sure your club is operating very professionally.


ID Please is a very simple and proper control system for mobile devices, please. Players just swipe and touch. In the same way that you choose a partner in Tinder, swipe customers to the right to enter the club and to the left to reject them. There are many guests who do not meet the needs of the club but who have a VIP card. You have the right to agree, accept, or to refuse.


The player can choose from only 2 characters (gender representation). Your character will also be given an apartment near the club to facilitate their work. Players can gradually switch from a small, spacious apartment to a luxurious, large apartment with all the amenities. Of course, you have to pay more.

Awards and items

The salary you get depends entirely on your attitude towards work. In each game screen, the level of task completion is rated based on the stars you receive (3 stars, you get a lot of money). If you prevent controversy or serve VIP guests, you will get help. Use the money to buy furniture for your apartment and change costumes for the characters. Don't forget to buy cold glasses - an indispensable accessory for professional guards.


ID Please is rated as one of the simulation games with nice graphics. The characters are created in a modern, quiet style and are also very unique in many different states, ranging from caution to guests.

Information about the MOD version

MOD function

Unlimited Money: This is a simple simulation game, so money doesn't have a big impact on your game progress. However, money helps to unlock fun items (such as shoes, suits, T-shirts, etc.) for your bodyguard. And you can upgrade and buy a lot of furniture for your home.


ID Please is a fun game that is perfect for relaxing and relieving stress after hours of stressful work. The zero points, however, is that the game advertises a lot, and players sometimes feel very uncomfortable.