i Peel Good MOD Apk for Android Free Download

1.05.08 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 22, 2019
App By:
Lion Studios
Mod Features:
Unlocked All Levels
Required Android:
Android 4.1
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The fruit is everyone's favorite food. Many fruits need to be peeled before eating. We use knives and peel the fruits by hand. This is not an easy task. Some professionals can do this in an artistic and practical way. For some irritants, however, it is difficult to peel the fruit and injure it easily. After peeling, the fruit does not retain its original shape. If you want to peel the fruit, try it in I Peel Good (MOD All Unlock All).

Summary about I Peel Good MOD APK

Name - I Peel Good MOD

Publisher - Lion Studio

Genre - 3D Games, Offline Fine Games, Simulation Games

Latest version - 1.05.07

Size - 147 MB

MOD functions - open all levels

Platform - Android 4.1

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The game was released by Lion Studios. He is a publisher who often uses familiar things in everyday life to create simple, fun games. Some of the Lion Studio games I've presented to you are Happy Glass (Water Filled with Cups) and Love Balls (Draw Lines for Ball).

Play the game

I Peel Good is a simulation game that lets you easily and gently peel fruits on your phone. In this game, you do peeling fruits. It doesn't have to be very efficient, and many techniques are needed, e.g. B. Peel the fruit in the kitchen .V. All you have to do is touch and swipe the screen for fresh fruit peel kale. Get ready for dinner!

The fruit automatically turns on your screen, peels the screen with a knife and touches it. You can choose between a knife and a bowl. If you do not want your fruit to be deeply sliced ​​and lose its original shape.

After peeling the fruit, you can slice them into the Perfect Slice Mod APK.

More than 150 fruits

If you think i Peel Good has a level that repeats and offers no challenges, then you are wrong. The game has 150 different fruits that fit into 150 levels. Some simple fruits like apples, onions, potatoes can be mild. But when you peel a fruit such as a pineapple or pumpkin, it looks even harder.

After peeling the fruit, look for the next fruit. The game calculates your score based on the number of stars (up to 3 stars). There are several factors that increase the strings such as length of scrub, number of scrubs, number and cut. In fact, you don't need to complete a level with 3 stars to go to the next level. If you successfully peel the fruit with a star, you can still plan it. This means i Peel Good well for players' concessions. Peel fruit requires ingenuity and concentration without pressure and strain. Then you can go back and finish all the old levels with the maximum score.

Our I Peel Good (MOD Unlocked All) has unlocked all 150 fruits. You can peel, peel and relax your favorite fruits.

Adjust the speed

That's right. You can adjust the rotation speed of the fruit (from x0.5 to x2) by touching the gear icon in the right corner of the screen. Slow movement speed is perfect for new players or fruits, with the bark you can easily adjust and peel. If you are confident about your fruitful talents, challenge your fingers by choosing twice the speed.


Graphics are a very important factor in motivating players with simple games like Peel Good. The game has a very unique and impressive 3D graphics. Fruits like apples, bananas, onions ... similar to reality, very elaborate. If you like to eat fruit, the game may make you hungry every time you play.

In particular, your device vibrates every time you use a knife or peel for fruit bark. This is a special effect that contributes to the reality of the game. If you do not want to vibrate your phone, disable it in Settings.


Each piece of fruit brings comfort and comfort to the players. As you play this game, it's like relaxation and concentration that you meditate on. It helps you relieve stress after a hard day's work. The game does not require an Internet connection. You can play anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at work, in the subway or at a coffee shop, i Peel Good lets you relax.