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1.15 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 19, 2020
App By:
Ruby Game Studio
Mod Features:
Unlimited Diamonds, Unlocked VIP/Characters
Required Android:
Android 4.1

Have you ever thought about being the ultimate assassin? There you must destroy the hooligans and gangsters. It's worth mentioning if the guns to their enemies bring only their sudden knife and quiet death. A similar situation in real life seems imaginary enough. Yes, maybe this game will not give you the feeling that you thought of. Ia.

Summary about Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Name - Hunter Assassin

Publisher - Ruby Game Studio

Genre - 2D, Action, Offline

Latest Version - 1.15

Size - 38MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Diamonds, Unlocked VIP/Characters

Platforms - Android 4.1

It is developed by the first game developers Ruby Game Studios. It wouldn't be surprising if the company's end of 2018 looked completely foreign, and established only four games on this list. Despite being a new game publisher, the game Rubin is running very high quality and is much appreciated by the players. Evidence That Pixel Shot 3D Games received millions of downloads with Flip Jim Press Inc. millions of positive feedback. This is why promises have succeeded with publishers that will be worth playing the Hunter Assassin game.


Hunter Assassin is a large construction site, where the gang is put to use. It is a large room with a system of wooden walls and a barrel maze. Also, complete your enemies and at your fingertips ready to take down the invaders under the gun. As a "lone killer", you can only defeat enemies from the darkness and work the hidden corners of the night. But not to mention only the death enemy together if you know and don't want to be shot. Mission is very difficult, but you are confident with the knife?


In terms of gameplay, Hunter Assassin seems to be a fun action game in which you must kill enemies and use patience. You have a gun and a flashlight. As long as someone gets a Torchlight, the weapon will shoot automatically. Side with a knife, what would you do? Eliminate, or run for the enemy in fear? I think that's why you say that because you have to defeat the enemy to avoid the unexpected and then the wind. Is sudden and painful death frightening?

Extremely easy to use, Hunter Assassin plays first love. But this game does not lack challenge. There are many different levels of difficulty. And of course, the difficulty increases with higher levels, higher enemies and numbers can be easily identified. So useful advice: Kill open enemies in the same way, and you can have multiple enemies in one place at a time. But caution is like dying!

The invisible killer

It's an exaggeration to say that you became an invisible killer Hunter Assassin. In fact, anything heavy can only be recycled without killing. The key is to take advantage of darkness and night enemies to take advantage of it to finish. To win, you should not shoot or lose Life Points. Every time you find out, you need to deduct one life point, and when it reaches 0, you lose. However, this does not mean that you have to keep all life points. Many difficult levels, will help you intelligently using life points on the level.

Each time you defeat an enemy, you will receive diamonds. This device helps unlock many things you pay for, including learning skills and the new killer in the game. After removing many difficult levels, the new killer needed new skills. Depending on the strategy you can use a character with high speed or good endurance. But I think speed is still extremely important. What kind of assassin do you want? Leave a comment below this article.

Must You Use Hunter Assassin Mod?

The character system is very attractive. Not only that, the impressive performance is comparable to improved strength and speed is also a very original character. Hunter Assassin (MoD Unlimited Diamonds, Open) Unlock all the characters and give you endless diamonds. VIP offers premium characters and games are also unlocked. Enjoy!


As a simple game, Hunter Assassin doesn't have many graphical requirements. The background is always the enemy with many rounded corners. It's so boring, you sometimes find the players boring. The only things that change are probably the characters and enemies. But luck is sometimes simple things.


Hunter Assassin is a simple game, it is always an annoying advertisement. It's easy to understand. If you don't mind wifi game disable internet is not required. This small annoyance certainly will not affect the great experience game. Are you ready for a killer workout?