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for Android
Updated On:
Jul 13, 2020
App By:
Ludic Side
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money/Energy
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Download Hoppia Tale Mod APK (Unlimited Money / Energy Release) on Appstoreaccess. You can take part in the fight against monsters and protect the peace of the Hoppia world.

Introducing Hoppia Tale

Classic games like Zelda, Goof Troop, or Bomberman have become part of the childhood memories of millions of teenagers around the world. Yet, they are still popular with many players. But have you ever thought about connecting these three giants and experiencing them in just one game? If not, I bet Hoppia Tale will win you over soon. It is an exciting action-adventure game for mobile phones developed by Ludic Side. It promises a lot of entertainment for fans or anyone looking for interesting things.


Hoppia Tale opens up a living fantasy world called Hoppia, in which the inhabitants live around a mysterious door. Since ancient times, these gates were built by the old society and were the main tools for exploring other worlds. For centuries there was no contradiction and the inhabitants of Hoppia lived in peace and happiness. However, in one day the right balance was upset. Residents of Hoppia discovered that there was an evil power to recreate the portal's technology to serve as a bridge to state invasion. Inner peace has melted away. What will happen next?


As mentioned earlier, Hoppia Tale is a combination of the three great games Zelda, Goof Troop, and Bomberman. You control the main character, who wanders around the labyrinth, collects final herbs, and dodges obstacles. Occasionally the dark door of the game appears, the attackers come out of this gate and try to disrupt their mission. You control the character to block the other door and prevent the monsters from coming out now. Do not forget to destroy all the monsters that appear on the map before reaching and destroying urban areas. Try to escape from the road and open the doors that lead to the new country.

Hoppia Tale has a lot of information surfaces about which players can communicate with others or learn something. In addition to gold coins in the fight against monsters or level rewards, players can earn more by getting daily gifts.

If you log in every day, you'll get the right bonus and the option to unlock similar gift boxes (which may include gold or gems). The Time Attack gives players the lowest time rating to complete three consecutive levels of all Hoppia Tale players. Click on the auxiliary building to see the system's instructions for interacting with other players.

Customize your character

In the shop, players can freely choose clothes for their favorite characters. There are many designs and colors to choose from, from simple t-shirts to epic armor. The character of Hoppia Tale does not share gender, so players can easily switch from clothes to skirts. In my view, however, the prices here are fairly high compared to my level. So you need the MOD version of APKMODY

Design your home

It's great that you can build your own virtual home on Hoppia Tale. Choose the smallest things like the color of the floor tiles, decorate the room with lots of unique designs, or recreate the room with eye tones. The change in the room becomes so beautiful that everyone has to appreciate it when you get home. Apart from that, you can also meet your friends and see how they equip their homes.


Hoppia Tale was created in the style of 16-bit graphics of classic games. The cute cartoon style of characters and backgrounds, suitable for all ages. Funny sounds are a plus to make the experience more exciting.

MOD APK version of Hoppia Tale

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money/Energy: You have a lot of power and money in sports.

Can't see any money while using the MOD version?

In the beginning, you have no money. However, if you take a coin you get a lot of money.


Hoppia Tale is essential for your cell phone. In this game, the number of enemies on the game screen is very small, so the battles are not very exciting. So it is not suitable for hardcore gamers. If you are looking for a game that wastes time with fresh stuff, Hoppia Tale is definitely a good choice!