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Jun 16, 2020
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Hitmasters (MOD Unlimited Money), an entertaining game that clears up a boring time for everyone. If you download and experience this game now, you can become one of them.

Introduction About Hitmasters

If you play mobile games a lot, you probably already know Pleasantry. They have popular games like Kick Buddy, Polysphere, or Bouncemasters. Most of them, equipped with unique gameplay and creative content, easily attracted millions of players in a short period of time. Hitmasters is no exception. Although the project was unveiled less than three months ago, it has reached 1,000,000 Google Play installations. Do you want to download this game on your phone?

The gameplay is simple and offers many fun functions

When you start the game, you will go through the tutorial, although the gameplay is not very difficult to understand. All you need to do is touch and hold the right side of the screen, then pull in different directions to aim at the target and finally release your finger to take a shot. Overview One level includes walls, barriers, and bad guys. Your task is to destroy them with a standard weapon and some bullets. At first glance, it seems easy enough to win. But you will soon find that if you do not know how to use a barrel, an iron ball or a bomb, you will have to play again and again. Boss appears after 10 or 20 levels. After each bullet, they are more difficult to destroy than usual and constantly change positions.

Also very violent

I want to mention this because the way to shoot in this game with so many different trends is so violent. Even if the developer has marked 3+, you should know if you should disclose it to children. Here are bombs, iron tips, iron spheres, and acid pits. When bad people are injured by them, blood clots and body parts are cut off.


Slabs or wooden objects can be broken by bullets, bombs, or other iron objects. TNT Bombs, gas tanks, or explosives will explode if they hit a hit object. In addition, the affected area is quite large and kills the bad guys on the front wall.


Hitmasters offers you four modes including Shotgun, Gravity, Ricochet, and Toxic. The general method is that you have a certain number of shots per fight and the ultimate goal is to kill all the enemies. In terms of difference, the gravity shot uses a gravity cannon to pull objects to throw enemies instead of using conventional bullets in shotgun mode.

In rebound mode, the bullet does not contain explosives and can bounce back when it comes in contact with the surface. Of course, this does not happen indefinitely, but there are only a few specific revolutions. Adjust the angle so that it shoots accurately so that the whole life of the bad guys is under control. For toxic mode, you can find for yourself.


Pleasantry knows how to color your game. Hitmasters is not sure. You can get new characters after you successfully complete certain levels or defeat the boss. Unlock skins or buy weapons with a unique look. The weapons here, without special skills, without statistics, are only symbolic. They just have different size and color effects. I think it makes sense because accuracy and observations are the things that bring victory.


Hitmasters has a similar graphic style of botmasters and bounces masters. That doesn't seem to have changed, but the style and expression of most of the characters were more distinctive. The main character will have a very funny dance blushing when someone has to go through a level and when the opponent laughs at it. It is optimized in terms of performance and you can also experience it on easily configured devices.

Information about the MOD version

MOD function

Unlimited Money: With the MOD version of Hitmasters, we offer you unlimited money. You have a lot of money when you start the game and it doesn’t fall when you use it. You can buy unique weapons and costumes for the hero.


No high-quality graphics, no complicated game, but the Hitmasters still won the hearts of many players. It is very suitable to relax with a cup of coffee or a bus. If you like this game, please download it from the link below the article. It's completely free.