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Updated On:
Mar 10, 2020
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Feral Interactive
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There is real racing, such as asphalt, speed, as racing titles are mentioned ... that is, if not a reference to other racing sports declines. Racing is a genre-specific game - and Grid Autosport, super-strong graphics, and classic gameplay. Game with different color schemes.

Grid Autosport APK Summary

Name Grid Autosport

Publisher - Feral Interactive

Genre 3D, Offline, Racing

latest version - 1.6RC9-android 

Size - 3GB

Mod Features - No 

platform - Android 5.0 

Get over it

Grid is a racing game developed by Autosport Codemasters, supports Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox. After it was developed to bring racing experience to the mobile platform, the iOS version of the game will be released on the iOS version starting later this year.


Grid turned into Autosport, where you began your racing career in a competitive career. At a simple challenging level, you must have a speed racing challenge on 100 different routes and quickly believe it will be difficult, said the city or the lead stage challenge occasionally crash.

In addition, the game will also have its own charm in familiar mode which is in each gameplay mode. In online mode, you can compete with other players in the world. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends best to see who you are. You can also join the competition in tournament mode.

In-game control you deserve nothing to write, know that it is worthwhile and it has nothing to say. Change game player for many different ideas may be able to admire the beauty of this game.


Coming to racing games will definitely want to become an unlocked supercar player. Grid Autosport car is divided into sections with very different capabilities. Stock Car Brazil (Class A), V8 Super (Super Tourer), Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 (Class B), Ford GT40 M A number of cars such as BTCC (Class C), I ... Grid Autosport 103 at a time Car; It's also the second grid series without a Toyota car.


No matter what happens, Grid Autosport asphalt, graphics more than speed requires real racing or other racing game. The game is based on the most advanced graphics platform 3D It also designed details, also focusing on color, shade and other physical effects. During the game, I would scratch the car after a slight blow, it looks very car is a real game.

The game is designed to be extremely wide so you can play all the instruments. The 18 GB PC version game has surpassed the same series title so far for the 4 GB mobile version. But if you are running on a supported device, you will find it extremely easy and supple. If you think you are immersed in the big races, you will feel the game on the console. It's an experience that you can try for yourself.


Grid Autosport feels good and I have to say, Android / iOS are the best racing games. Mobile game calling but Grid Autosport brings experience as lightweight to the game console. If you adjust the angle of the car's camera, you will experience the feeling of being a true racer. Autosport Show Chip Power on iOS: Additionally, racing 160 miles per hour and higher owns a grid supercar.


Grid Autosport is an important game to show the real power of mobile devices, this time the special iOS series. Games currently grid Autosport, you need to add high free space running a device with an additional 8 GB DLC iOS 6 or 11 GB of free space. The list of supported devices you can find can be found below:


If I selected this year's game for iOS, I could definitely choose Grid Autosport. Unlock the racing car with over 100 cars, which can provide an even spend amazing graphics day. You can select this game so you should look for a game for your device and it supports Grid Autosport.

Grid Autosport is $ 9.99 available in the App Store. In the future, it is possible to have the grid Autosport APK version of the game Android when it was fully aligned. This game costs money because it's still for sale.