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1.38.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 30, 2020
App By:
Vivid Games
Mod Features:
Unlocked All
Required Android:
Android 5.0

Gravity Rider Zero (MOD Unlock All)  is a very exciting speed game that adventurers should not overlook. If you win the Craziest Race Race in the Galaxy, you will prove to be a much better and infamous racer. All you have to do is run a new supercar and draw them to master the many challenges of the game.

Unlike other racing games, the latest games in Vivid Games have the same style as Fun Race 3D mode, especially when it comes to obstacles. With Fun Race 3D players, you only compete against other players who finish first. As a Gravity Rider Zero, you need to control your vehicle to master the challenges of physical balance and your time to the finish line. In addition, the game is designed with lots of imagination, so you can travel to distant planets and experience unique races in the galaxy.

Space challenge

The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. Control the motorcycle and hit the ground. The gameplay and simple controls are easy to understand, and many people probably consider this a simple and boring game. You forget that the first step is to mentally prepare you for the problems ahead.

Gravity Rider Zero bikes will not absorb shock or improve engine power. All are based on general physical principles. Gradient or curved paths are calculated and scaled appropriately. You should also use your intelligence as you go through the underground. Skills are an important thing, but the strategy is hard to miss.

Many disadvantages and obstacles

Gravity Rider Zero is not just for speed lovers, but for adventure enthusiasts as well. It is no exaggeration to say that every race is a new invention, but also full of danger and death. Traps lurk on the road and you have no idea what will happen to you. If you lose with lasers, darts, and huge spikes, your race will end immediately.

Accidents, too. Impact against a wall, falling from a tower or falling into a deep pool will be unforgettable and forgettable experiences. That is not to say that you cannot cope with these challenges. If you just master the physical principles, drive a little quietly and carefully, you can overcome them all. Believe me! The spirit of overcoming loss and overcoming fear is very interesting and difficult.


There are many supercars in this game. Gravity Rider Zero offers supercars ranging from classic cars to the latest and most technologically advanced cars. Interestingly, you can race on the track with many different types of vehicles, from cars to rockets to motorcycles. And this is the first time you are driving an ATV, World War II car, or aircraft or space rocket.

Aside from having dream supercars, you can turn them into stylish cars. You can customize the cars you like by changing the color or specific details. Of course, it does not affect the engine and how it works.

Career status

In addition to the classic mode, Gravity Rider Zero offers you a compelling career mode. Each time you complete a race on a field, you will be put into a new world of many different contexts, with fantastic races and increasing levels of difficulty. These include deserts, volcanoes, amusement parks or races on the moon.


Gravity Rider Zero has beautiful 3D graphics. The futuristic world was imitated immensely by the publisher. Innovative supercars, colorful or even new racing scenes, bring more suspense to the player.


The game has two main goals: to give you a new journey and take pure obstacles. The developer focuses on the small details that give the players subtlety and the most genuine feeling. Now your time is not boring when Gravity Rider Zero has already caused a stir. I hope you have a moment of relaxation with this interesting racing game.