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Apr 10, 2020
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To continue the series of games that didn't play at midnight, today I want to introduce you to Granny: Chapter Two (MOD Monster Freeze), a very interesting horror game by publisher DVLoper. As the name itself shows, the content of the Granny has been improved in this game. It can be said that Granny is one of the most successful horror games for mobile devices with millions of downloads on Google Play. This game can be stressful and many situations can shock your phone.

Granny Part 2 features completely new content with graphics as well as some gameplay enhancements. What is an improvement? Find out with APKMODY in the following article.

A new character, grandpa

In the first part, Granny is a crazy freak. She lives alone in a cold, abandoned house. Granny: Chapter Two he has a girlfriend, a partner named Grandpa. But it is not as if the grandmother had alleviated her fears and cruelties.

You wake up in a mysterious house. You do not know why, why and how you were brought here. There was no time for that, you realized that something was chasing you. One! Not really looking for two monsters to hunt. Find a way to escape from this house. You only have five days ...

Keep calm

Like her predecessor, the grandmother in the second half is a slow monster but she can hear everything in the house. You are quite quiet with the slightest sound like a pedestrian grandmother. Unlike Grandma, Grandpa didn't listen very well. But he has tremendous power and speed. It could be considered the scariest couple in 2019.

If the grandmother finds you, don't panic and run away. This makes the situation worse. Relax under the closet or bed to hide. After a while, the quest will leave Grandma.

Solve puzzles

To escape from home, you need to find keys, passwords and many other important things. You can turn on the radio to distract Grandma and Grandpa. They freeze for a few seconds, which is a valuable time for you to get what you need. Granny: Chapter Two has created a lot of interesting puzzles, they are opening up stories and secrets in this house.

Keys, hammers and some items are hidden in many places of the house. They are often hidden in drawers, cupboards, under the bed or behind something. You can find the drainpipe, in the basement. The only way to escape this home is to solve puzzles.


Granny: Chapter Two is not very different from the first part. Touch and rotate to change the virtual joystick, the viewing angle to the left of the character movement control screen. When displayed objects are displayed, some symbols, for example, are displayed on the hand screen. Objects You can touch objects to interact with them. At the top left of the screen is a humanoid icon that lets you control the character while standing, sitting, and sleeping.


Granny: Chapter Two gives you a practice mode where you can easily find a grandmother without turning to her house. Simple, simple and heavy, three modes are enough to challenge your courage and ingenuity. Granny and Grappa are faster and smarter at higher levels of difficulty. Alternatively, you can choose a grandfather or a grandfather.

If you find the challenges of the game too difficult, use our Granny: Chapter Two (MOD Monster Freeze). In the MOD version, Grandma and Grandpa won't attack you, you can freely explore the mysterious house and solve the puzzle of this game.


Despite the intense 3D graphics, Granny: Chapter Two is still as classic as the Pixel game. It combines horror and theatrical form of the game. From the hero's point of view, you can clearly feel the fear and stress in each of his breaths. The grandmother's house is tight, the tension is an old wooden house in the woods, the floor sounds at the feet of every harp. You can adjust the graphics quality according to the device configuration used.

The sound also deserves praise. There is some music in old horror movies. Every time Grandma and Grandpa show up they scream and scare the visual effects.


After the success of the first part, Grandma brings Granny: Chapter Two a whole new story. For the best possible experience, you should use a compatible phone and headset. Don't play this game at night! Neighbors may be aware of their screams.