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Jun 20, 2020
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Golf has historically always been known as a game for the wealthy. That's why golf game life seems strange to most people. Many people rarely watch sports on TV and YouTube. The understanding is that Golf Blitz is a very fun game - for mobile phones. , Publisher Noodlecake Studio has released Golf Lightning APK.

Summary about Golf Blitz APK

Name - Golf Blitz

Release - Noodlecake Studios

Genre - 2D, Online, Sport

Latest version - 1.10.2

Capacity - 89MB

MOD Features - No.

Support - Android 5.0

Get over it

Golf Blitz is now a distant game for you with golf. But unlike any golf game or a game on TV, Golf Blitz takes a very unique and fun golf course where you show off your creative prowess. Golf Games for Mobile As in many of the golf struggle games are not included. But I'm sure you've never seen a game of golf or playing as exciting as a golf flash. Try it and know that I'm not lying!

The new golf

Why I "unique and exclusive" About the very beginnings of the Golf Blitz game language. Still hit the target position in a few strokes though when using a golf club. However, if it's new and challenging make this game of course on special golf. The simple and long flat golf course has now been devised to golf because of the complicated question provided by the Labyrinths. It really brings more interest to the player. In particular, it depends on the ability of the goalball to bring the player in many ways. One can say that golf electricity creativity is endless.

When you play golf in many different places they will be a very interesting experience. Over 50 places, including forests, rocky mountains, volcanoes, underground, ... They know they have to wait and win many levels of game and interesting challenges. But it is not easy to win. First, you should understand the general physical rules. It comes with creativity and perseverance. The more you play, the more you get off with the principles of mastery and more advice on how to finish the finish line faster about the starting game. No hard bits to use but a lot of fun!

Become the best golfer

In each game, the player will be the leader or winner. Golf Blitz is of course at. To win, anyone who knows golf, you need to put the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes. However, this game is an exciting game fight with 3 players. With its help, you do not need a goalball with a faster stroke number via the power cable than the other two players to bring it to the minimum. The reason for your victory is enough. Defeat other players, you get gold coins or coveted medals. Don't miss out!

Golf to win electricity, though, is not easy. As shown above, in addition to playing against two giants opponents have found it very difficult to get the finished ball. Therefore, the game developed three methods to help players in difficult situations. The sniper ball will help you hit away with perfect accuracy, or super bowl performance and assists. In addition, there are some things this game will help you with.

The interesting thing is to unlock

Golf Blitz Player creates an exciting new unlock-element system. Their constant support needs unlock elements and advanced players can unlock more items and other adjustments. You can unlock others to change the look of your golfers with 70 looks. And funny hats for professional golfers, the cap with pictures of animals, pictures with animals, ... can be unlocked with money or jewelry because the cap comes with, but if you want more new devices to unlock the level.

Play with your friends

Golf Blitz provides this game with friends in a great interactive feature multiplayer mode. Here are two options for players: Become a new group or member to create an existing group. This feature lets you communicate and compete with other online players. You can also get to the top level by climbing the competition with your friends.


Golf Blitz has beautiful and colorful 3D graphics. Although the character image is extremely simple and customizable, many different contexts bring publishers to try. It avoids changing your experience on the map but also makes boring plays.


Total Golf Blitz is simple and easy for a fun game. But it is not easy to master and there. But anyway, the game titles were enough with the price list to make me a very new and exciting feature, some games with friends to play Golf Blitz. So, do not miss a moment to experience the wonders of the 'new' golf game!