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1.63 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 16, 2020
App By:
Microsoft Corporation
Mod Features:
Unlimited Power
Required Android:
Android 4.4

Pop Gears! Comparison is very important and if you seek help in a sport that you can train tactically, I recommend this game.

Gears Pop Original!

Gears Pop! Gears, the epic game gamers war series, was originally called Sequel but was acquired by Microsoft. Take Gears of War Edition to the next level since 4 Gears of War Edition in the game Ultimate Edition while still cooling down the pop-course! More will be presented with the promise of success. The first release of the 2018 E3 Electronic Entertainment Festival for the public, the right combination of vibrant images of the game has attracted attention quickly and the Gears of War Funko pop. Name, the characters are crafted in a funky pop style with a beautiful head.


As mentioned above, the pop-course! Very exciting strategy game. You probably already know the Royal fight. The game is similar to the genre of multiplayer real-time field. Your task in the game, these characters gathered to use modernization and fight in intense battles.

More than 30 characters are the epitome of war gears. For example, Marcus Fenix ​​Augustus Cole, Dominic Santiago, ... With deep beautiful looks, these characters wait to be found in various sources of hidden authority. Upgraded and strengthened their combat skills when used properly. These characters, including villains or heroes, all-powerful representatives, and Gears into the universe.

Real-time PVP warfare

Take part in a strategy game, making sure that you build strategy and logical thinking and effective, build order to win. Gears Pop! There are no exceptions. First, you need to understand the principles of this game to win and how to fight. The fighting game face-to-face conflict between two players. First, you have to build a team of 8 units, the hero has chosen for you to collect and complete. Finish the game when the enemy crashes.

With a large number of characters with many different performance factors, you can do a lot of gameplay with characters and different team combinations. In addition to the signs of strength, in each game, you will receive an ability called the ultimate ability, you can initiate a powerful wave action to attack the enemy.

You can also test the effectiveness of the teams by creating the Boot Camp mode you created.

Become an expert

To become stronger, in any case, you need hard training. And pop courses with Gears! If you understand every aspect of the game, you champion. War on the fingers is not the case you can make more. The badge will be awarded the winner with the best strategy at attractive prices.

PvP additionally developed Battles in the Theater of Theater and Major Tournament. The world is a small challenge to a crowded place of many brilliant technicians and those who first want me to rank this person or, to conquer or want someone. So come on, why not win a war of wars?


Gears POP!, we have already developed to be familiar with the character based on the beautiful and funny Funko Pop characters. Nevertheless, Milan is also a bright spot for the dramatic and graphic quality of the game with intense battles. 3D graphics and effects capabilities make games more realistic and more engaging than ever.


With the above features, the game follows the success of the Gears of War series. At the same time, it also assures the publisher of the skills of sports gears to create a theme universe. I have a belief that pops up with Gears! There will be a new experience than previous versions and more fun and more.