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4.5.1c for Android
Updated On:
Mar 13, 2020
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Mod Features:
Unlimited Money, Vip 10
Required Android:
Android 4.1

Gangstar Vegas (MOD Unlimited Money / VIP10), the gripping and gripping game action game from Gameloft Publishing House. Of course, this publisher is no stranger to us. If you are a fan of Asphalt Sports Series, you need to know that Gameloft is a very large developer and publisher in France.

Gameloft currently has 21 game development studios around the world, with a focus primarily on mobile games. The game company was founded by Michelle Guillot, co-founder of Ubisoft, and one of Java's most popular games. Their old games are also very interesting, but now they focus only on Android and iOS operating systems.

On a touch-screen gaming platform, Asphalt 8: Airborne, NOVA. Legacy games have branded them into first-person shooter games and racing-style games. But today, I want to introduce you to a whole new game called Gang Gangster Vegas, a combination of the Grand Racing Car Racing Game Series and Rockstar Games.

Became the notorious mafia owner

Gangstar Vegas is located in Las Vegas, where you can compete fiercely, clear each other of infamous gangsters, or try your luck at a casino.

Became the notorious mafia owner

In the game, you're cast as the Mafia boss, and there are many people who plan to leave you. They should participate in shootings and turmoil. Plus, you want to be everywhere in this city. While you are still faithful under your command, your objective is to rebuild your infamous mafia gang and take over the city. Get rid of the people who pushed you back and challenged you to regain your status in the underworld.

Great open world

Currently, a popular open pun-world game is the Grand Thief Auto Toe V-RPG, where many players can interact with each other on the server. Gangstar Vegas also has a world where you can do quests, interact with other players, and constantly update your updated leaderboards. In addition to the mission to understand the plot, you can also set up races, shoot, etc.

The game has the same controls as the Grand Thief Auto. In this game, you can also rob banks and casinos to earn money and maintain your power in this city. With the money you've stolen, you can "plunder money" to create your own gang or add a supercar to your collection and use it in a car race between cities.

Like an AR mode watchdog, hackers use overhead cameras to detect the structure of a building and try to invade the system for their own purposes. In this game, you can also use it from above to see the city of Las Vegas at night. The lighting of the buildings will make the city more beautiful than ever.


In terms of graphics, Gangstar Vegas uses 3D graphics technology to shape the game's streets, atmosphere, and characters. This makes the game more realistic. The characters and car movements are adjusted so that players have the best experience by which the publisher also wants to confirm that this mobile game can be as beautiful as a PC game.

Realistic and sharp 3D graphics

In addition, to improve the gaming experience, the game integrates both first and third ideas. They want players to feel from different angles.


It can be said that Gangstar Vegas is a very exciting game about the hidden corners of everyday life, a city dominated by the owners of the underworld. Are you curious about the life of the mafia? The risk to participate in the underworld? Everyone will be answered after experiencing this game.

Note: If you are using the MOD version, please turn off the internet before opening the game.