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App By:
Music Wallpaper Inc
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 02, 2023
5.5 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Art & Design

Gacha Editx is a new mod for Gacha Life that will delight all fans! It includes a lot of new backgrounds, in-game characters with noses and hands, processed clothes and more! This is not another hasty pass, since the work was done with high quality. Enjoy the selection of fresh content and download the novelty!

In Gacha Editx, players can create their own creations from scratch with a comprehensive set of tools. The application features an easy-to-use interface with features such as drag-and-drop editing, resizing, and filtering. In addition, it supports importing other images into the workspace. People can create custom porridge to suit their play styles with these tools by combining artwork and color combinations.

With the most recent version of this software, a number of powerful improvements have been made that increase usability across all of its features. There are a number of features that would simplify the search for gacha assets, such as smoother transfers between devices and even contributions from independent creators to official product designs. Combined, it offers an amazing way to customize and share virtual reality.

Features of Gacha Editx APK

Gacha designs that can be customized:

With Gacha Editx, you can create your own custom Gachas within minutes. Every aspect of a Gacha can be customized, from the type to the theme, item appearance and ability, making them truly unique.

Bonus items include:

You may receive special bonus items like items with rare stats or unique looks if you use the app for a limited time. You can add some personality to your Gachas with this.

User-friendly interface:

With its simple design and intuitive features, the app is easy to use even for those who are not tech-savvy. Both experienced players and newcomers can easily access all features without any confusion.

Images from a large selection:

Gacha APK offers multiple background images to choose from when creating your own gacha. Whether it's a magical forest full of secrets or an ancient castle filled with monsters. As you explore the endless possibilities of this app's graphics library, your imagination will run wild.

Algorithms that are proprietary:

This application utilizes powerful algorithms to optimize rewards behind the scenes of every gacha it creates. With it, you can ensure that every play session provides maximum enjoyment. As a result, all users will have a rewarding time playing their newly-created porridge.


Gacha Editx APK is a new mod created by Astella for Gacha Life. The mod stands out because it is based on the Gacha Life game, whereas many other mods are based on Gacha Club. With some new features, it is ideal for Gacha Life fans.

This updated mod used to be called Gacha World, but its name has been updated and changed to Gacha Editx. This new mod is currently only available for PC, but will soon be available for Android as well.

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